Russischer Vizeaußenminister Gruschko: NATO verhält sich kontraproduktiv

13 Jan. 2022 09:00

A further deterioration in the security situation in Europe could have unforeseeable consequences, said the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister on the sidelines of the meeting of the NATO-Russia Council. NATO neglects the security interests of other states.

Russia had warned NATO “directly and without detours via politically correct formulas” that a further deterioration in the security situation in Europe could lead to unpredictable and dire consequences for security in Europe. This was said by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko at a press conference on the sidelines of the meeting of the NATO-Russia Council in Brussels on Wednesday. According to him, Russia disagrees with this scenario and wants to tackle the situation through measures it had presented to the alliance.

According to Gruschko, the meeting was devoted to the analysis of the factors that have impaired European security in recent years. According to the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, these include NATO’s return to Cold War politics:

“At the heart of NATO policy and military development is the task of moderating Russia. Enormous resources are being made available for this and it is no secret that this is the main goal of the alliance.”

The diplomat stressed that Russia and NATO are currently not linked by any common positive agenda.

With its military armament, the US and its allies would strive for superiority in all possible theaters of war – on land, on water and in the air, as well as in space and in cyberspace, said Grushko. The upper limit for the use of nuclear weapons will be conceptually and technically lowered. Moscow is particularly concerned about the fact that a nuclear component is being introduced in the scenarios of various military exercises.

Grushko saw one of the main problems in relations with NATO in the selective way in which the alliance interprets the principle of the indivisibility of security:

“In the eyes of NATO, it only applies to the members of the alliance. And in its practical work, NATO does not want to take into account the security interests of other states.”

Russia firmly believes that neglecting the security interests of third countries, especially those of the Russian Federation, undermines common security:

“Attempts to build security against Russia without Russia’s participation are counterproductive and doomed to failure. We will not allow that to happen.”

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If NATO pursues a policy of moderation or deterrence towards Russia, Russia will respond with a policy of countermeasures or deterrence, said Grushko. This is the only possible way forward as long as Moscow and Brussels cannot reverse the dangerous development of the current situation by other means.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister described the conversation at the meeting of the NATO-Russia Council as confidential and open. He emphasized, however, that “many differences of opinion on fundamental issues” between the negotiating partners had been uncovered. Gruschko took stock:

“Today many have recognized that sooner or later this story will end and that it can turn out differently. We are in favor of getting out of this situation by peaceful means, again on the basis of a reasonable balance.”

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