Police image processing experts are already working on the video of Errejón's kick

The judge who has been directing the investigation against Íñigo Errejón For allegedly kicking a Lavapiés neighbor in May last year, he had been wondering for a long time why the National Police did not respond to the request he made last May: that the brigade of Scientific police will try to improve the only video that exists of the alleged assault. OKDIARIO has had access to the police explanation and what is happening right now with the key evidence of the case: the agents claim they had not received any notification until last December 16, but now that they know they have sent a copy of the video to the elite of the National Police Corps, the Scientific Police General Commissariat.

Better late than never. Everything was ready to hold the trial against the deputy of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, for an alleged abuse crime next January 25, in just two weeks. Everything, except a clue that may be key to condemn, or not, Errejón for having kicked a man in the belly at dawn on May 2 last year in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés. The testimonies of the victim and witnesses, medical and police reports, until Errejón agrees to be tried by the same woman who has instructed the case. Everything ready except what can surely be the most important thing in this case: the images of a camera of surveillance of the Municipal Police of Madrid.

The police officers from the National Police Center Police Station who picked up the complaint of the 67-year-old neighbor who was allegedly beaten by Deputy Errejón kicked themselves Lavapiés looking for evidence and witnesses to what the man was saying and through the municipal cameras they were able, to begin with, place Errejón at the exact time and place of the alleged attack, but there was more. One of those cameras focused on the scene of the collision, but it was very far away.

The image, revealed in exclusive by OKDIARIO, it was reviewed by the judge in the case and she decided in June, a month after the complaint, that the Scientific Police Brigade would try to improve the image and, if it was not successful, report the reasons for seeking alternatives.

Months without response

The days passed and then the weeks, the courts closed in summer, September, October and November arrived and no sign of the Scientific Police. There was nothing more to instruct and that report was crucial because it not only consisted of knowing if something more than a brusque gesture could be seen compatible with the kick of Errejón described by his victim, but if it could not be improved there was room to look for alternatives. The December 16 the judge sent a new letter to the investigators. And nothing. Be quiet.

Things have changed this week, also coinciding with the news revealed by OKDIARIO: without the proof of the video, the accusation against Errejón stood and was willing to request the suspension of the trial until the Police pronounced itself. And that just happened. In a ruling signed on Tuesday, January 11, the judge reports that she has contacted the Image Technology Section of the National Police in Madrid and that they, surprisingly, claim not to have received any statement from the court to improve the famous video. It is impossible to know how something like this could have happened and in fact the lawyer representing the alleged victim of Errejón, Carlos del Arco, is limited to showing its perplexity with the police response.

But the important thing is that there is room for maneuver, since what OKDIARIO has learned from police sources is that the video is no longer in the Madrid provincial brigade, but has been urgently sent to the Scientific Police General Commissariat, the police technological elite, who have every imaginable means to deal with an image whose quality, on the other hand, does not cause anyone connected with the case to harbor high hopes for its improvement.

The central team of Image Technology of the National Police is already working on the file. Other reference images from the same night will be used to try to place in the scene to improve the protagonists of this story. These specialized police officers are the ones who will deliver to the court an improved video or not whose image is compatible with the alleged kick for which Errejón should be tried on January 25.

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