New episodes on RTLZWEI: “The Wollnys” in driver’s license panic: “I drive country roads forever!”

Just one more driving hour and the extended Wollny family will have one member who drives a car. But can chick Loredana Wollny (17) overcome her anxiety attack before the exam? “The Wollnys – a terribly large family” (RTL ZWEI) provides information.

Homesick and worried about her tiny nephews Casey and Emory, Loredana Wollny broke off her driving license preparation in May 2021. Like her brother-in-law Peter and sister Estefania, she wanted to acquire her “cloth” in a crash course in Bünde, Westphalia, 300 kilometers away from family friend Mark. But being so far away from her clan was not good for the teenage girl: Without a driver’s license, she was back at Mama Silvia’s door.

This motivates her youngest daughter to attack again in the current episode of the RTLZWEI documentary “Die Wollnys” (Wednesdays, 8:15 pm): “You got your cuddles, so it’s good now.” – “Get up there!” Is the motto of the passenger, who has been convinced since a bad car accident in her childhood. So it goes on for Loredana, accompanied by Estefania (“I’ll get you on track now”). The self-proclaimed unbeatable team (“We are Bros”) rushes headlong into learning for the theoretical test in their home town of Ratheim. Note: “When it comes to fried eggs, I have right of way, man!”

Chocolate for Wollny’s daughter: “Good against the nerves”

A couple of rooms further a head also smokes: Loredana’s sister Sarah-Jane (22) is studying for her final exam as a qualified geriatric nurse. “Somehow everything is stuck right now,” is how she describes her final spurt after three years of training. The “Bros” are not far: “Here, a little chocolate, good for the nerves”, Estefania delivers sweets. Sarah-Jane’s fellow exams sufferer Loredana even dares to go into the spiritual: “Try this relaxation stuff, what’s that called again?” Here, too, Estefania shows herself to be competent: “Meditation”.

“My heart is stop and go”, Loredana sums up her own condition shortly before leaving for the final driving license showdown in Bünde. It’s good that her brother-in-law and professional driver Peter can give valuable tips on the way: “Always pay attention to the signs, then right before left.” Despite this insider knowledge, Loredana’s excitement does not go away: “It gives me a real toothache and my foot hurts too.” Especially when the car novice thinks of an insignificant detail: “Just don’t get on the Autobahn!”

“It comes either way,” says driving instructor Mark during the final driving lesson before the test. “No, I drive country roads forever,” Loredana argues. “Obviously you will never park either,” comments her mentor on her refusal: “Oh, let’s just stay here at the truck stop.”

Loredana Wollny: “The best of the best!”

But Loredana wouldn’t be Loredana if, in the end, all circles didn’t come close to being most self-confident. “I’m the best of the best!”, She cheers after passing the exam, even if the examiner concludes: “Maybe park a little more slowly in the future.” Even Silvia, who insisted on driving 600 kilometers in one day to witness the turning point in her baby’s life with Harald, is as proud as Bolle: “Now ten Wollnys have their driver’s license.” A little melancholy is also involved: “Now my little one can drive too.”

In the glamor of Loredana’s driving license, which the extended family duly celebrates after their return, even Sarah-Jane’s successful completion of her three-year training as a geriatric nurse pales. “Yes, I passed,” she whispers shyly when she arrives at the family table, but is hardly recognizable in a dress, blazer and festive make-up. In general, at least four of the Wollny sisters are undergoing an astonishing transformation: Sarah-Jane, Estefania, Loredana and new mom Sarafina are clearly in the weight loss and styling fever. Why and how exactly was not yet an issue in the series – but it is increasingly becoming an inevitable cliffhanger.

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