Let yourself be consoled by Christophe André

A serious illness and life is turned upside down. Struck by cancer “quite worrying”, the psychiatrist Christophe André became aware over the course of his numerous hospitalizations of his “absolute need for consolation”. “I had become hypersensitive: as soon as a caregiver smiled at me, put her hand on my shoulder, on my hand, spoke comforting words because she saw that I was anxious. I felt how much these small gestures did me a lot of good. He remembers. Consolation had hitherto been the blind spot of his clinic. He distributed it to his patients without realizing its importance and did not understand that they thank him when he had not known how to cure them.

“Focused on the good that I couldn’t do (cure), I ignored what I was doing (console),” he writes. What then is the virtue of consolation? Impossible to restore life to the disappeared, to find the lost job, the companion fled… but to console, it is to bring back “slowly in us the taste for life. ”

What consolation is, its discreet beauty, its modesty, how to console others and console oneself from sorrows sometimes “without reason”, it is to all this humanist and educational work that Christophe André engages in writing clear and delicate populated with eclectic references: George Sand, Simone Weil, Clément Rosset, Apollinaire …

Find Christophe André’s video explaining the “four essential A’s” of consolation.

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