Lafontaine zur Impfpflicht-Debatte: "Die Leute merken ja, dass etwas nicht stimmt"

13 Jan. 2022 21:15 clock

In the debate about the compulsory corona vaccination, the left-wing politician Oskar Lafontaine spoke up again: He does not believe that compulsory vaccination would be enforceable because it is unclear how often and with which vaccine one should be vaccinated.

In the debate about the introduction of mandatory vaccinations, the left-wing politician Oskar Lafontaine spoke up on Monday during the Saarland state press conference. At the beginning of the conference, Lafontaine pointed out that the population was also gathering information and reading, for example, that the vaccines did not deliver what was expected of them and that new vaccines were being developed. With regard to the compulsory vaccination, the following questions arise:

“With which vaccine should I get vaccinated? For which age group does it apply? How should it be controlled at all? Is there a vaccination register? All these questions have not been answered.”

You can also see clearly that the former proponents of mandatory vaccination are now abseiling. An example of this is the “toughest of all Corona heroes”, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), who had long called for mandatory vaccination to be introduced. But now Söder is “very insecure”, also because he cannot answer many questions himself. In this respect, it should be doubted that there will be a compulsory vaccination. His own attitude is that there is no sufficient basis for this on the basis of solid figures. This is a general problem with the corona crisis. This is why there are calls for a so-called cohort study, also from representatives of the medical profession.

“The question is why we don’t have such a data basis after two years of pandemic.”

According to the left-wing politician, there are “intolerable conditions” that, for example, it is not possible to say exactly how many patients are vaccinated or not vaccinated in intensive care units. Lafontaine is also critical of the exclusion of unvaccinated people from public life:

“We do not have to be vaccinated, we have had a vaccination for many months. There are many people who say: I only got vaccinated to take part in social life again.”

It is absolutely unacceptable for him if people lose their jobs if they do not want to be vaccinated. It is out of the question what has developed there.

“People notice that something is wrong,” said Lafontaine.

According to media reports, vaccination from March is on the brink

The population would also notice how the development abroad is: In Austria, for example, it is discussed whether one should move away from the planned mandatory vaccination. Lafontaine himself initially believed that vaccination was a way of getting out of the pandemic because he believed the arguments for herd immunity. At that time it was not known how long the vaccines would be effective. In the meantime, however, one has advanced and knows that much of what was promised is not true. Therefore, the question arises of how often and with which vaccine one should be vaccinated. The current vaccines are only designed for one specific virus variant. In the meantime, variants resistant to a new vaccine could develop, according to Lafontaine. Instead, it makes more sense to promote the development of antiviral drugs.

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