Javier Milei raffled his first deputy salary: the show must continue

From Mar del Plata

A woman films what is in front of her: the sea and a crowd that has been waiting for Javier Milei for more than an hour. “It is making itself desired”he says, as he takes the record. He is with hundreds of people in the
stairs of Playa Grande, where the deputy summoned a
class Y to the controversial draw of his diet, as part of a national tour. Suddenly, the woman notices that many of those present are staring at one point. That point is the hotel door Costa Galana. Milei leaves from there, after 8:30 p.m., guarded, of course; after they announce him from the stage as the next president and what sounds “Panic Show”, the subject of La Renga for which he had controversy.

They run, they want to touch it. They light flares. Yellow smoke fills the scene. Many cell phones record the moment. The press surrounds him. At one point Milei – leather jacket, light blue chinstrap – stops. Jump and sing along with his followers: “The breed is afraid”. Another hymn of the day: “Javi, my good friend, this campaign we will be with you again, we will heartily encourage to the liberal who woke up my nation. I don’t care about the Kirchnerista, the macrista, the radical … it is clear in Argentina: communism or freedom”. When Milei continues down the stairs, one of the young men from the organization, wearing a Mar del Plata Libertarian Party T-shirt, tries to stop him. “Javier … you went to the other side!” The boy whores, chews anger. It’s that Milei continues on her way.

Milei in the “most socialist” province

“I never wash my hand again”, a boy tells his friends. It is that with that hand he touched Milei. The supposed “next president”, as Juliana Santillán, a libertarian from Mar del Plata, introduced him before the economist made his “triumphal entry.” Caps sold at the event herald that same future. “It is the best way to enter”, defines a woman of the public. Santillán had defined Buenos Aires as the most socialist province of all, a message that Milei will take up. In harsher words: this event occurs in the province of Buenos Aires, “ruled by the recalcitrant retrograde socialist Axel Kicillof”. Those present respond with insults.

From a small black stage decorated with the lion’s logo, also present in flags that flutter over it, Milei sings, to the rhythm of that song by La Renga, that “the breed ran without understanding.” There was a problem with the location of the stage: the organization did not obtain permission to cut the street; I wanted to install it further from the steps. Many people stick to the fence, and from further back it is quite difficult to see. Milei’s speech is also not heard clearly: “If I get too close, it fits”, he is forced to clarify, in a pause to his effervescence. Around there are two vehicles of the local police, which, according to the officers, are usually always there, and two trucks with the lion logo. Every so often a honk or some expression of adhesion is heard.

“Social justice is unfair”

The public class is titled “Social justice is unfair”. “I don’t know if what bothers us is that we are returning the money to its original owners or that it is known how much a blank politician earns and they cannot explain the living standards they lead”, says Milei, in relation to the draw for her diet, which was held a while before and for which more than a million people signed up. His sister did, Karina Milei, with the presence of a clerk and three witnesses. A 40-year-old man, Federico Nacarado, won the more than 200 thousand pesos that make up the legislator’s salary. Karina – “the true boss of everything”, according to a man from Milei’s team: in fact, she is seen in the afternoon finalizing all the details – she was not heard when she spoke. “Take off your mask, boluda”, they came to yell at him. A man wrapped in the serpent’s flag said before the draw, megaphone in hand: “I imagine that no cheeky Kirchnerist will have signed up“They answered:” What if Máximo Kirchner signed up? “” And if Marcos Peña signed up? “

“We are not going to give you the fish, we are going to teach you to fish. I hope that after this many Argentines wake up and do not confuse populism and distribute the others with returning the money to those who honestly generated it,” Milei says with her usual tone. Serious. Aggressive. Didactic and mocking. His class has a clear purpose and thesis: it aims to show that socialism never worked. He gives several examples without expanding too much: “When the Austro-Hungarian empire was divided, Austria had to be capitalist, Hungary communist. Austria progressed, Hungary collapsed. See today what Panama is against Cuba.” It focuses on some concepts from economic theory. He attacks Marx: “He lived first from his father, then he married a wealthy woman. He had a maid and made him a son.” “He did not pay him, he was a Kirchnerista”, replies someone from the public.

The charm of merchandising

Organization sources say they counted 10 thousand people. It sounds very exaggerated. Most of them are young and male, as is usual in Milei’s acts. One holds up a sign that reads: “Milei = Grabois, you usurped my heart.” Few posters, few flags other than those of the lion or the snake, which are obtained, according to the size, for 500 and a thousand pesos. There are some of the UCeDe and from Libertarian Party, local and Avellaneda. “We are new,” say the militants from Mar del Plata. Various stalls are seen with the typical libertarian merchandising. “The Espert keychains with the phrase ‘bullet’, which refers to when the Police act“says a vendor.” When we went to Rosario they were selling more thermal glasses. Caps come out more here, it must be because of the weather. Also what is cheap, handkerchiefs and stickers. “In the stalls you can also get notebooks, pins with legends that express all the libertarian ideology (” 100 percent certified barrani “,” what idiots are the communists “,” no I came to guide lambs, I came to wake up lions “, for example), posters, flip flops.

Earlier, in Playa Grande – where renting an umbrella costs 6,000 pesos per day, and a tent 6,900, data that can give an idea of ​​what would happen if everything were released to the market -, families live with the young people who assemble the after beach. A boy sits on the jetty. He managed to enter an ice cream parlor with alcohol, like many of those who are piled up in the sand, for an unofficial income. The Covid does not seem to exist, neither on the beach nor in Milei’s act. The sailboats are moving away on the horizon. Surfers take advantage of the good waves. “In this country it is all a shit. We lack a United States flag,” says the young man. Is a musician. His drummer friend recorded a song for a Milei video. He likes it, but he will not go to the act. He likes what others too: “That he does not copy anyone.” He doesn’t have much else to say about him.

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