How to make sliced ​​bread in the purest Arguiñano style

During the pandemic we learned to make homemade bread. After spending nearly three months locked up in our houses, from which we could not leave except to buy the necessary things or take out the dog, a large part of the population brought to light its more gastronomic side. Most of them bet on bread and desserts, thus causing flour to end up becoming one of the most precious goods in society.

Would you like to learn how to make sliced ​​bread now? Joseba Arguiñano teaches you the keys. In one of Karlos Arguiñano’s latest programs, the pastry chef also took advantage of his father’s kitchen visit to teach the Antena 3 audience how to make this recipe. To make two small loaves you will need 250 grams of strong flour and another 25 grams to stretch. Also 15 grams of powdered milk, 7 grams of sugar and 15 of butter. On the other hand, Joseba Arguiñano explains that we will also need 150 milligrams of water, four grams of salt, seven of pressed yeast and a little flour and oil for the molds.

So you can make your own sliced ​​bread

First of all, the pastry chef tells us that we have to put the 250 grams of strong flour in a bowl. Then we will add the powdered milk, the sugar and the salt and, when we have already stirred everything well, a little crumbled yeast and water. After mixing everything well, to the point that the flour disappears, it will be time to cover the dough with kitchen film and let it rest for about 25 minutes to complete the autolysis process.

After this half hour, we will have to sprinkle the dough with a little flour and add the butter to the point of pomade. Once this is done, we will knead everything for five minutes and put it back in the bowl. We cover again with kitchen film and let it ferment at room temperature for a couple of hours. After the first hour, the cook recommends giving tension to the dough, making it some folds or rolling it.

Check what type of mold you use before putting it in the oven

When this time has passed, remove the dough from the bowl, divide it into two pieces and roll them into the shape of the molds. Joseba Arguiñano recommends that they be slightly longer than the length of the molds and that, when inserting them, they fit with a little pressure. Let them ferment for an hour at room temperature, when they will double in volume, and get ready to put your bread in the oven.

According to the cook, we will have to bake the breads at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. Next we will have to lower the heat to 180 and bake them for 10 more minutes. In case you are working with a large pan, bake it at 200 degrees for 25 minutes and lower the temperature to 180 degrees for an additional ten minutes. When the process is finished, let the bread cool and you can cut it into slices to start eating it.

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