Fran González vs.  Juanpe Gómez, the last qualifying duel of 'Pasapalabra'

The ‘Teachers Cup’ of ‘Pasapalabra’ will experience its last great duel this afternoon before the semifinals. Fran González will face Juanpe Gómez, winners of two of the highest jackpots awarded in the program. The young Asturian, 31, won a prize of 1,542,000 euros, while his rival, a native of Porzuna (Ciudad Real), pocketed 1,674,000 euros almost nine years ago, the fourth largest jackpot achieved in the history of the contest.

María Hernanz beat Carlos Adán on Monday; Antonio Ruiz beat Eduardo Benito on Tuesday; and this Wednesday Susana García defeated Marta Sierra without problems. The winner of this Thursday’s duel will qualify for the semifinals of this competition that will take place between Friday and next Monday. On Tuesday, therefore, Antena 3 will offer the grand final and we will finally know the winner of this ‘Teachers Cup’. At stake, 50,000 euros.

Susana García in the third qualifying game. (Atresmedia)

Right now, Susana García heads the classification. The Salamanca woman managed to take first place after hitting 21 words and not committing a single mistake. The contestant tied with Marísa Hernanz in the general classification, although as Roberto Leal highlighted, thanks to the pull of seven hits during her rosco she managed to place herself ahead of the Murcian.

Until now, none of the participants managed to get more than 22 words right, in part, because of his caution. Susana, for example, knew the answer to another question and, although she already had her place guaranteed for the semifinals, she preferred not to risk to secure the first place in the ranking. If the Salamanca contestant had made a mistake, with 21 hits, she would have been behind Maria.

General classification of the ‘Teachers Cup’. (Atresmedia)

For the moment, the show has not explained how the pairings of the two semi-finals will take place, so we will have to wait to see if it is by drawing or taking into account the positions of the classification or the order of participation.

The latest winners

‘Pasapalabra’ has reserved two historical contestants for the last qualifying duel, and not only because of the large pot that they took home in their day, but also because of their high level of knowledge. Fran González correctly solved the donut test, when she was 29 years old, after 168 deliveries. Juan Pedro Gómez, better known as Juanpe, hit all 25 definitions at 42 years of age. It took 24 deliveries, but as he confessed on several occasions he was preparing for four years to be able to participate in the contest.

Fran González, with 182 seconds after achieving 97 extra seconds. (Mediaset)

Fran González, a resident of Colloto (Oviedo), he pocketed 1,542,000 euros after fighting for the jackpot for nine months. A biologist by profession, the young man landed on the program on April 2, 2018, however, after 48 programs and 42,600 euros in his pocket, he was forced to leave the program due to family problems. Fran was absent from the contest after her father was diagnosed with pulmonary emphysema. Fortunately, the doctors treated him in time. The contestant left on June 6 and returned on August 2, something that the program did not take into account when including him in the select ‘Club de los 100’.

A confessed follower of ‘Pasapalabra’, he became hooked on the program years ago, specifically when he landed on the Antena 3 grid (year 2000). Encouraged by his parents, Fran decided to audition for the show in early 2016, despite the respect imposed on him by the fact that Spain followed his successes and failures. He acknowledged feeling “very lucky” when the program called him to participate. Shy and reserved, this Asturian was able to open himself up to all of Spain and make himself known to all the spectators.

Juanpe Gómez. (Mediaset)

His rival this Thursday will be Juanpe Gómez, winner of the only boat that ‘Pasapalabra’ delivered in 2013. Born in Porzuna (Ciudad Real), the contestant entered the history of the contest after staying in 24 consecutive editions of the program, accompanied by actress Natalia Sánchez and athlete Chema Martínez. It should be remembered that at that time the so-called ‘Blue Chair’ did not exist, so the permanence in the program had much more merit than today. Thanks to his feat, he managed to snatch from the La Mancha journalist César Garrido the record he held since February 24, 2012 when he won 1,524,000 euros, the largest jackpot delivered up to then on Telecinco.

Juanpe won a jackpot of 1,674,000 euros (4th highest in history) on July 18, almost nine years ago, although their fight began four years before. As he himself confessed, due to the economic crisis, he lost his job as a crane operator in the construction sector and it was then that he began to prepare conscientiously, studying dictionaries and encyclopedias every day to fulfill the dream of his life. : win the ‘Pasapalabra’ jackpot.

In October 2008, he saw another contestant, Emilio Maestro, win a pot of 180,000 euros a pot at the first time and from then on he began to watch the program very seriously. On June 11, 2013 he debuted in ‘Pasapalabra’ and during his stay he came to caress the boat on several occasions, staying up to four times within a single hit of winning the prize

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