Fortnite returns to the iPhone using a 'trick' to bypass Apple's rules

Fortnite will be available through the GeForce Now service, accessible directly through the smartphone’s Safari browser, a year and a half after being banned from the App Store.

It was one of the great controversies of recent years. Epic Games released an update for its most popular game for iOS and Android, which adds the ability to make micropayments directly through their platform, instead of having to use those of Apple and Google. As a result, Fortnite was banned from the App Store and Play Store, and Epic Games lost its developer rights on those platforms.

The ‘soap opera’ is not over, even after a judge forced Apple to implement other payment methods in the App Store; Not only has Tim Cook’s company appealed the decision, but it has blocked Fortnite and there are no signs that it will be available again on the App Store.

That doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to play Fortnite on the iPhone ever again. Epic Games and Nvidia have announced a collaboration, whereby a special mobile version of Fortnite to be available on GeForce Now, the subscription service that allows you to enjoy our games on all our devices.

Instead of running the game directly on the mobile, GeForce Now uses a cloud of servers with Nvidia graphics cards, which are the ones that really do the ‘hard work’, and send the video of the game to the mobile; This allows you to enjoy computer video games, which would normally be impossible to run on less powerful systems. It is similar to xCloud, the Xbox Game Pass service.

That’s the key to ‘skipping’ Apple’s rules, as Fortnite on GeForce Now does not run directly on the iPhone; in fact, you’re skipping them twice, because services like GeForce Now aren’t allowed on the App Store without major changes. That is why, to use GeForce Now, it is necessary to enter the official website using the Safari web browser.

At the moment, Fortnite on GeForce Now will be available as a closed beta; if we are interested, we can sign up on the official page, and it is not necessary to have a paid subscription, since it will also be available for free accounts. We can play both on the iPhone and on the iPad and on Android devices, and we will not need a remote control since the interface will adapt to a touch screen.

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