Emmerder the marrana

I don’t say that Pedro Sanchez do what ancient kings did: surround yourself with buffoons and buffoons like those immortalized and immortalized by Velazquez, to highlight its bearing, elegance and good sense. But it is the truth that it has been to leave Alberto Garzon on stage, and stop talking about the January slope and the price of electricity to start discussing what is truly important: the hoaxes of the extreme right, the savage macro-industry and the 2030 Agenda.

The Minister of Consumer Affairs will not be dismissed, therefore, and it would be his thing to grant an interview every month to the Guardian to keep the parish entertained, at least until the end of the term.

Maybe Luis Planas, of the socialist contracting party, has contributed a new element by pointing out that “this is not pastoral literature” and that meat is not played with, especially after seeing how another part of the contracting party, in this case Compromís, ends to pass some compulsory courses on “animal welfare” aimed at Valencian farmers to ensure that they carry out the slaughter “with due respect.” Amen.

There is a rebellion on the farms, especially in those of Castilla y León, where Podemos’s keen sense of smell has already detected 631 macro-exploitation, but we are not so bad. Just stick your nose out and see that Boris Johnson caught in the partygate, throwing parties in Downing Street while confining millions of Britons to carpeted apartments.

Because you have to put all this in the international context. Attentive to the next historical event that will occur on our planet -which I would say Leire Pajín-, with the visit next Monday to Spain of the foreign minister Olaf Scholz to meet with Sánchez: the confirmation that the Social Democracy is going to save Europe by also pushing from Germany with proposals such as giving the right to vote to those who are not granted sufficient criteria to take out a pack of cigarettes in the bar machine or that other to legalize the sale of joints for recreational purposes.

Some controversial manifestations of Emmanuel Macron to defend the need to immunize everyone from Covid (I want to piss off the unvaccinateds), which could be translated as “I am going to screw the unvaccinated”, have hidden a thought as debatable as it is interesting in their argument: “When my freedom comes to threaten that of others, I become irresponsible. And irresponsible He is no longer a citizen. “

Here a minister has pissed off The sow and it is worth wondering legitimately, following the President of the Republic, if perhaps an irresponsible person can continue to be a minister.

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