Ciudadanos launches against the PP for its "irresponsible rejection of labor reform"


“It is evident that in this permanent auction with pro-independence and nationalists, the reform may get worse,” says Edmundo Bal

Ins Arrimadas and Edmundo Bal, at the headquarters of Cs.MARISCALEFE
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Ciudadanos has lashed out harshly against the Popular Party for its “irresponsibility” when it comes to rejecting the labor reform as agreed by unions and employers, thus leaving its final content in the hands of a negotiating round between the Government and its partners. independence and nationalists who, in the opinion of the Orange It will serve only to “worsen” the regulation of the labor market.

The parliamentary spokesman for Cs, Edmundo Bal, has warned that the Government is already negotiating with its preferred partners on the basis of requests that suppose “to break the unity of the labor market in 17” and “impose bureaucratization in the authorization of the FOR HIM and the ERE“.

“It is clear that in this permanent auction with pro-independence and nationalists, the reform may get worse,” said Bal before noting that his group would not support any modification in this regard and adding that no one from the Government has contacted his formation to negotiate their endorsement despite oranges They have offered their support in Parliament for days.

“The Government has to choose, it has other options,” the spokesman stressed. “We are not going to allow a step back from the agreement that unions and employers have reached.” For oranges, the main demand of the PNV, the executive’s priority partner, centered on the prevalence of regional agreements over state agreements, is a “real legal heresy.”

For now, the reform sponsored by the Government despite having been agreed by the social agents has the vote against PP and Vox as well as ERC, Bildu, BNG, CUP and PNV. Liberals lean in favor of it as long as it remains unchanged. That is why, for the moment, and until knowing the content of the negotiations that the executive is carrying out with its preferred allies, it does not reveal the ultimate meaning of its vote.

Ciudadanos has also regretted the roadmap that the Government is following when it has ceded powers in matters of prisons to the Basque Country that now facilitates the granting of the third degree to ETA prisoners without any compensation. “Sanchez brings Spain to its knees again,” accused Bal, who hopes that the prosecution will appeal these third degrees and they will end up being revoked.

The party of Ins Arrimadas has also denounced the “bolt” of Congress during the month of January when Spain, they maintain, is in a “difficult situation immersed in the sixth wave, with the energy bill and the shopping basket rising, with European funds that do not finish reaching the pockets of freelancers and businessmen and pending the labor reform “.

Request for Appearances

The oranges They asked before Christmas to hold the debate on the state of the Nation, a debate in which Cs has never participated. This formation has registered in Congress an initiative to modify the Chamber’s Regulations and this debate be mandatory annually. They have also requested the holding of an extraordinary plenary session of Congress this month in order to address issues of general interest to the country and not just the agenda of the two major parties.

Cs requests the appearance of the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, to explain the measures that it intends to take to overcome the sixth wave of the pandemic; of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzn, to have the opportunity to reproach him for his statements against the Spanish agri-food industry and demand his resignation. and that of the fourth vice president Teresa Ribera to explain why she is not going to allow the nuclear power plants to be modernized.

The Liberal Party has also regretted that the Government has opted for an interventionist policy regulating the prices of antigen tests instead of proceeding to liberalize their commercialization.

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