B. Berceruelo: "There are statements that do not help, one thing is a meeting and another is to be in the Government"

The Spain Investors Day, which is held these days at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid, brings together 44 listed companies and investors from almost 200 countries. If the representatives of these international funds have looked at the press or televisions in Spain, they will have seen, heard and read a name, repeated ad nauseam: Alberto Garzón.

The Minister of Consumption, with a similar background regarding tourism, sowed doubts in a British newspaper about the meat that Spain exports. Then the rest came: a president (Pedro Sánchez) who does not support him but does not stop him; a vice president (Yolanda Díaz) who supports him because he says that everything is “a hoax” and a minister of Agriculture and Food, Luis Planas, who comes out of his public slumber (he is unknown to most citizens in a country country, cattle and sea) and that he demands that they ask him, instead of Garzón, about meat and macro-farms. We do not know if a spectacle is edifying for those who, at the Ritz in Madrid, try in these days to convince the large foreign investors to bring their money to our country.

Benito Berceruelo, president of Spain Investors Day, believes – in statements to TODAY RESPONDS from OKDIARIO – that “there are statements by some members of the Government that do not help.” “There have been some examples – he points out – of unfortunate statements by some members of the Government, which then, in reality, have not been reflected so much.” Berceruelo prefers to think that these ministers have sinned “naivety”, but adds clearly and we do not know if irony: “Perhaps they have mistaken the forum in which the messages were given. One thing is a message for internal consumption or for a debate on social networks, for a rally somewhere local, and another thing when you are in a government that when you speak, you speak on behalf of the Government … of a country … and, especially when you make statements to international media … ».

For Benito Berceruelo, «we must [por el Gobierno] be more careful because that kind of thing does not help investors to be confident in the stability of the country. “The Government must be aware – he points out – that Spain has a huge dependence on international investment”

Political statements aside, we asked Benito Berceruelo for political decisions: «The electricity goes up and the Government intervenes on the margins of the electricity companies. How do investors view it from the outside? ‘ The president of Spain Investors Day is clear that “putting restrictive regulations, intervening in the free economy and raising taxes is not well seen” out there. “Investors are looking – he remarks – predictable countries that offer them stability, legal certainty and forecasts that are met.”

In this twelfth edition, there is a star issue: European funds. “We hope,” says Benito Berceruelo, “that the Government will administer them with justice.” Investors are in a hurry to know when they will arrive.

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