Artists who had fame and money and died in poverty

Mexico.- Once you achieve success in the entertainment world, it is believed that artists and celebrities have a luxurious and fortunate life that they always dreamed of, however, on some occasions it has been the opposite, since they have gone through tough times. economic crises that have marked their careers, even ended them.

Many believe that after making so much money, the stars have the rest of their days insured, but it is a misconception, since some have suffered financial deprivation after sparing no expenses, making bad investments, fulfilling expensive whims and making bad decisions.

Famous people who had fame and money, but died in poverty

Jose jose

Although José José was a singer who achieved great success during the highest peak of his career, that is, around the 70s, he stood out as one of the most important icons of Mexico and some Latin American countries, however, his Alcoholism led him to lose everything, so he died sad and poor in 2019.

Rubén Aguirre, Professor Jirafales

His successful character in El Chavo del 8, one of the most important television series in the world, such as Professor Jirafales did not ensure a good future for Rubén Aguirre, who after a strong accident in 2007, along with his wife, was left in bankrupt to pay for his medical care and failed to keep getting ahead in the entertainment world. In 2016, the actor died ill and broke.


The success in the 80s of Ricardo González, better known as Cepillín, did not assure him a good future or economic stability, because when he retired from the entertainment world and continued his working life in shows, he lived from the little he earned in these. According to those closest to him, they hardly gave him anything to eat; the actor and comedian known as the TV Clown died in 2021.

The Valdés brothers

Two of the most important icons of television and comedy in Mexico were the Valdés brothers, who triumphed during the 1970s and 1980s. Despite their success, they seemed to be haunted by economic misfortunes.

Manuel “El Loco” Valdés, who died in 2020, had financial difficulties because he lost a lawsuit against the government to recover unearned taxes from the earnings of a twenty-year career, for which he died ill and penniless.

For his part, Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”, squandered the profits of more than 100 films that he recorded during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema in parties, gambling and luxuries, which left him with large debts and faced various lawsuits and even embargo of almost all its properties.

Judy Garland

Recognized for her role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland had a difficult life that led to excesses and drugs, for which when she died she had a debt of more than four million dollars.

Michael Jackson

Surprisingly, his success did not validate a good life, Michael Jackson, considered the King of Pop, was drowning in debt when he died, but his death filled his bank accounts, as it was a great impact on the world of music. music and catapulted sales of his records, merchandise and more.

Whitney Houston

A case similar to that of Michael Jackson, the singer Whitney Houston had enough debts at the time of death, but that managed to reactivate the sale of her music and leave her bank accounts full.

Anna Nicole Smith

American playmate Anna Nicole Smith, known as one of the most beautiful female figures in show business, died in poverty, since the money she had was used to pay for lawyers with whom she fought for the fortune of her husband, a cornflower. rich man whom she married, but who did not include her in his will.

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