VIDEO.  Los Hornos al rojo vivo: with the crime in full swing, a food truck linked her

In Los Hornos, insecurity has been installed for a long time and is already part of the daily landscape. First it was in the rural area, where a large part of the fruit and vegetable cord of La Plata is located. Little by little, that border was extended and crime became more frequent in more residential sectors, to then move to the downtown area.

Neighbors, beset by an increasingly unstoppable wave of robberies, began to react. They held meetings, marches and even vehicular caravans to draw attention to the problem.

They held meetings with commissioners and officials of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security, from which good intentions emerged that, in view of the current situation, remained only in that. The activity of the patrollers and the walkers who were going to circulate through the streets of Horne, was diluted after a few weeks of sporadic appearances.

On Monday night, a particular episode caught the attention of the fronts.They could not believe the audacity and impunity with which strangers took an American model trailer of more than six meters parked on 66th and 139th avenues, equipped to sell fast food. . It is a place of constant traffic and in which there are security cameras of all kinds, from private to municipal.

“Anything happens here now. In this city you are not free from anything ”, summarized Graciela, a neighbor.


Esteban Daniel Pérez (52), owner of the food truck and victim of theft, spoke with EL DIA and said that “it was between 9 pm and 10:30 pm”, just when he had left.

“I had left it in front of my house. I went to dinner, it will have taken an hour and a half, no more, and when I returned I was no more, “he said. That time was enough for them to hook it to a roll and get it out of there.

Pérez believes that “they must have taken it with something big”, since “it was loaded with the fryer, a tray, and it weighs a lot”.

On the other hand, he maintained that “I think they took it to me to dismantle it, because it is unique. I did it my way, it has a bathroom, a room, something that not everyone has ”.

The trailer is 6.40 meters long and “I had a hard time equipping it,” he said. “I know that I put a lot to that,” he said with anguish.

As a result of the reward of 800 thousand pesos that he offered to anyone who can provide any information that allows him to be located, Esteban’s cell phone did not stop ringing. “I am receiving messages from all sides every five minutes, but many do not lead to anything.”

Along these lines, he detailed: “They say they saw him on avenue 44, on the side of Melchor Romero. Now I am going to go that way, I have acquaintances who have businesses in the area and they are going to help me.

Pérez is convinced that “they still haven’t taken him out of La Plata. I’m sure because last night I filed the complaint and the police station passed the report to all parts of the City. ” With that certainty, he carried out his own search and went “to Route 2, to Route 36. I was by all the detachments, exits, entrances and they did not see them leaving,” he remarked.

“It is also difficult to remove it,” he added, while explaining that “first because they know who it is from, and also you have to remove the stickers and plots that it has. That takes time, it is a very large vehicle ”.

The victim believes that “it is hidden” and assures that “no matter how much they paint it, or whatever it is, I recognize it.” And he warned: “Even if they have stolen what is inside me, I want to recover it, hopefully it appears. If I find out who has it, it will be for shit. “

Finally, with a mixture of emotion and anger, he stressed that “I put 18 hours into the business every day, and when I can on weekends I put it to work (the food truck). And I give work to someone who needs it ”.

“They say they saw him on avenue 44, on the side of Melchor Romero. I know they didn’t take him out of La Plata “

Esteban Pérez, Damaged

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