VIDEO.  Another day with the infernal combo: in full heat wave, without light and without water

With temperatures close to 40 degrees, the City was a hell for thousands of residents who had to avoid heat stroke without electricity or water. The service companies noted that much of the problem was due to the unusual demand due to the heat wave.

In 16, between 490 and 492, the electricity in Gonnet was cut off at around 3 o’clock and the neighbors knew that after a while they would have problems with the water. “For one thing or another, every two by three we are without electricity and with dry taps,” complained a neighbor.

In 491, between 19 and 20, the problem was the same, as in 486 between 17 and 18.

The neighbors of 29 and 41 were alarmed around 16 when they heard a noise similar to an explosion. In seconds they ran out of light. At the end of this edition, they were still waiting for the return of the service. The same in 55 and 23 and in 70 between 15 and 16.

In the PAMI neighborhood, in Villa Elvira, hundreds of people had to go through long hours of heat without a drop of water.

“We asked Absa to bring us a tanker to fill the community tank and the answer they gave us was a resounding no,” said a man who denounced that the outlook in the neighborhood where some 100 older adult families live “was desperate. “.

From Ringuelet, Graciela Brunialti said that since 2012 they have suffered from low water pressure on Calle 10 bis, from 511 to 513.

“We do not have pressure from January to January, many neighbors put a cistern, but still they cannot fill the tank,” said the woman.

The neighbor recalled that in 2019 the Water Authority issued a ruling favorable to the neighbors, but Absa never appeared in the area. “Something happens. There must be an obstruction in the main pipe because on the way back there are neighbors who even wash the car and we don’t have a drop, “he said, and said that” they survive “thanks to the mineral water drums.

Heat wave and pandemic are a combo that during these hours tortures the neighbors. It is that in many homes there are positive cases of Covid -19 and they cannot guarantee good hygiene of the home, nor of the people who live in it.

In 43, between 8 and 9, they also spent the day without water. “Between 5 and 8 in the morning it goes out a little and then nothing. The tank has not risen since the beginning of December, “said a neighbor, adding that on Monday one of her children tested positive.

Despite the oppressive heat, residents from different neighborhoods met yesterday at the Absa headquarters, at 7 between 57 and 58, to denounce the drama due to the shortage of water.

Marianela, from Altos de San Lorenzo pointed out that they have been without water for 17 days. Claudio, from the Italian Hospital area, said that they have been without pressure for a month and Víctor, from Villa Castells, assured that “I came here, I went to the regulatory body, and nobody does anything.” The neighbor continues to collect drums from the Gonnet delegation.

The residents of 19, 64 and surroundings also protested the continuous power outages. “We are with the red hot thermometer,” was heard.

The service was interrupted yesterday on two occasions, between 1 am and noon and in the afternoon. As they affirmed, days ago, on January 3, also in a day of suffocating heat, the power service was cut off for several hours.

“Stone age”

When the unrest swept through a good part of the City, in the middle of the afternoon, a neighbor of 491 between 19 and 20, defined his situation as “a return to the stone age, without water, electricity or Internet.”

A neighbor who contacted Edelap – obtained the claim number 4366945-, assured that the supply stopped at 10.50 and that he immediately contacted the company so that it would not happen like last week, when they were almost ten hours without Energy. “The heat is overwhelming, you can not be. I will have to go to a hypermarket to ventilate myself ”, he ironized.

Although at about 1:00 p.m. the electricity returned, at 4:00 p.m. they suffered another cut.

From the neighborhood they assured that after the cut on January 3, an electric generator was installed at the corner of 20 and 65. “If with these temperatures and with this demand, we are going to depend on a generator, we are fried,” he said.

And he added that “the other day we had to throw out cheeses, milk and meat that we had in the refrigerator.” “Now the worst thing happens because the heat is hellish and we live in a building. We need, as a minimum, to ventilate ourselves ”, they indicated.

Before the second cut, Edelap had communicated that the cessation of supply “is a specific interruption that partially covers two blocks, began at 10:51 am this morning and the staff works in the sector performing an intervention on the low voltage network “.

Edelap reported that the service “will be normalized in the course of this afternoon.” However, hours after the repair, the problem was recurring. One injured party obtained claim number 363148901.

There was also a power outage at 7 and 507 and at 14 and 493. “When we run out of power, the water is also cut off,” said a neighbor.

As part of the group that protested at the ABSA headquarters, in the Center, Valeria, aged 21 and 68, said that “it is not a problem of a specific neighborhood, more than half of the city is without water. We brought a statement to deliver to ABSA, the Office of the Ombudsman, in the Interior. It is important that someone take charge of this situation, “he said.

At dinner time it was still expected for the return of the water in the zone of 32 between 25 and 26. “At three in the morning, a little thread just comes out. Afterwards, the tap remains dry all day, ”lamented a neighbor.

ABSA has been pointing out the “over-demand” due to problems with water during days of high temperatures.

Edelap reported that, in the context of maximum demand due to the unusually high temperatures, there were two zone service exits, in some sectors of Gonnet and City Bell and in the vicinity of Plaza Yrigoyen in La Plata. The restitution of the service was foreseen for midnight.

“The Operational Center is monitoring the effects of the heat wave in the provision of the service in order to coordinate the tasks to respond to the problems that may arise,” it was reported.

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