The Government of Basque Country it continues to move towards its own prison model. A system that will allow access to benefits to the nearly one hundred ETA prisoners who are already serving a sentence in Basque prisons. As announced by the Ministry of Justice, from now on “scientific criteria” will be imposed to obtain the third degree and the semi-release regime. Until now, supposedly, the terrorists were required to repent and collaborate with the justice system. From now on the «rooting»As a fundamental criterion for these privileges.

Artolazabal presented this Wednesday, at a press conference held in Vitoria, the Aukerak Social Reintegration Agency, aimed at the social reintegration of inmates in Basque prisons through job training.

As detailed by the Basque Government, these reviews of the prison situation of the prisoners are carried out every six months. «They are studied by the treatment boards under the penitentiary principle of scientific individualization».

«All questions about the progression of any person deprived of liberty will be made based on objective, scientific criteria; to criteria endorsed by a file for the commitment made by persons deprived of liberty, “added the Basque Government Minister of Justice, Beatriz Artolazabal.

Along the same lines, it has indicated that it is the experts of the treatment boards who make an “objective and scientific” assessment of each case, while “the last word” on the grade progressions “remains in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office”. that “he can appeal to the Central Court of Penitentiary Surveillance and to the National High Court.”

End the dispersal

Artolazabal has again demanded this Wednesday the end of the dispersal of ETA prisoners, given that this prison policy “No reason to be” when ten years have passed since the end of the gang’s terrorist activity. In turn, Artolazabal has reaffirmed the regional Executive’s commitment to “equal treatment” for all inmates, without “privileges or exceptionalities,” as well as with respect for the victims.

Reintegration agency

The Aukerak Social Reintegration Agency, which was launched on January 1, is one of the main projects in terms of penitentiary policy promoted by the Basque Government since last October it assumed responsibility for the management of the prisons located in the autonomous community, a matter contemplated in the Statute of Autonomy of Gernika of 1979.

Artolazabal, along the same lines that he has been doing since last October, explained that, despite the fact that “the interest” of certain political and media agents is focused on the “concrete” group of prisoners of the extinct terrorist organization, the management of the Basque Government is aimed “at the entire group of inmates, without exception or specific treatment for specific groups.”

The counselor, in any case, has stated that ten years after the end of the ETA terrorism, it is necessary to “continue advancing in coexistence.” To do this, as he has said, it is necessary to “eliminate the prison policy of dispersal” applied to the inmates of the gang, on which he has stated that at present “there is no reason to exist”.

A total of 23 free prisoners

In her speech, and in response to journalists’ questions about this matter, the counselor referred to the situation of the 84 ETA prisoners who, as of January 1, were serving their sentences in the Basque Country. Of those 84 prisoners, 61 are in the ordinary regime, while 14 are serving their sentence in the open regime and nine are on probation. In addition, 28 of the inmates of the defunct terrorist organization participate in some type of workshop.

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