Tribunales penales de avenida Sarmiento.

The provincial justice requested the international yellow alert to find the whereabouts of a 16-year-old teenager from Tucumán, who has been missing since last December 2. Along these lines, it required the intervention of Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) and the Foreign Ministry.

According to the data handled at the beginning of the case by the Prosecutor’s Unit for Complex Crimes at the fair, in charge of Carlos Saltor, the search would focus on the town of Cerro la Vieja, Motupe, in Peru. After an advisory work with the Federal Fair Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of Carlos Brito, The case passed to the hands of the Federal Justice of Tucumán in the event of a possible case of trafficking for the purpose of labor exploitation, according to one of the hypotheses.

The victim’s mother made a complaint about the disappearance of her daughter that Thursday 2 at the Lules police station, J. F. A. The family would have realized that she had not slept in her home. Hours later, the victim would communicate with the relatives and would have told them that “she was fine, that she had traveled to the north of the country together with her boyfriend, identified as J.T., alias “Yeyo”, another 17-year-old adolescent, and with the latter’s mother named Magali del Pilar Effio Quintana, both of Peruvian nationality “.

Two days later, on Thursday the 4th, the mother reported that she had contacted her daughter again. The minor would have told her that “she was fine, not to worry and that she was with her boyfriend TJ and her mother Effio Magali.” The victim had also told her that she was staying in Peru, in a place where she did not have a good telephone signal, and that she would continue with her boyfriend until January and then return. In the end, he told her that he would call again when he bought another chip from a mobile service.

The judge of the College of Judges, Maria Alejandra Balcázar, authorized the Prosecutor’s Office to release official letters to the telephone companies requesting reports on the ownership, IMEI, date of registration and cancellation of the line used by the girl, as well as incoming and outgoing calls, text message packages and WhatsApp from 2 to 6. Likewise, he requested information on which were the antennas and cells that took the calls received. Thus, a connection made from Peru was detected as the last call.

The ordinary Justice immediately requested the intervention of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, International Trade and National Worship. Is that with the progress of the investigation it was determined that there was no record of leaving the country of the adolescent.

Although the search was carried out and the request for the international yellow alert was issued to Interpol, actions legally endorsed under the principle of “Enhanced Due Diligence”, the local Prosecutor’s Office clarified that the case would be framed in a possible crime of Trafficking in persons. for the purpose of labor exploitation and, therefore, he would declare himself incompetent. It considered that it was “an extremely serious event, in which a minor person was involved, a woman who was transferred out of the national territory illegally through unauthorized international crossings, thus putting national security at risk, violating national institutions “.

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