The SEPE notice to those who have worked less than a year: they can collect this subsidy

One of the mandatory conditions to collect the contributory unemployment benefit (traditionally known as unemployment) is to have a minimum contribution period. However, in case of not reaching that contribution time, other types of benefits are made available to workers that they can collect if they meet certain requirements.

This is the case of people who have not made contributions for a year (specifically, 360 days), an essential condition to be able to collect unemployment benefits. The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) has remembered these people through your profile on the social network Twitter who have the right to request another benefit, the allowance for insufficient contributions.

Not reaching that quoted time is not the only condition. As explained by the SEPE on your website, there are other requirements that must also be met in order to access this benefit. They are as follows:

-Be unemployed or unemployed and in a legal situation of unemployment. According to the SEPE, a legal situation of unemployment is any of the “causes for which the employment relationship ends or is suspended that do not depend on the will of the worker.” In this link A list of those causes that constitute a legal situation of unemployment appears.

-Be registered as a job seeker and remain so throughout the duration of the collection of the subsidy. Registration as a plaintiff is mandatory to qualify for any SEPE service and its obtaining is achieved in person or at the Electronic Headquarters, being the responsibility of the regional employment services.

-News quoted for unemployment (1.55% of the unemployment contribution base in our payroll and 5.5% of business contribution: at least three months in people with family dependents and six months in the rest of the cases.

Not having income higher than 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI), excluding the proportional part of two extraordinary payments. As of September 2021, 75% of the SMI is 723.75 euros per month.

If these requirements are met, the benefit may be charged. The SEPE contemplates that when the income or family responsibilities requirements are not met but later, and within a period of less than one year, if they are accredited, the worker will also have the right to collect the subsidy for insufficient contributions.

The how much of this subsidy is 80% of the Public Multiple Effects Income Indicator (IPREM), which after the 2.5% rise stipulated in the Budgets has left this amount at 463.21 euros per month.

The duration The subsidy depends both on the previous contribution and on whether there are family responsibilities. Thus, people without family responsibilities will have the right to collect it for six months, while in the case of people who do have those family responsibilities, there may be two cases:

-If they have contributed for three, four or five months, their duration will be three, four or five months, respectively.

-If they have contributed between six and eleven months, they will have the right to collect it for up to 21 months. The first period will be six months and later it may be extended in other periods of six months.

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