Vox asks for Garzón's disapproval after his attacks on different economic sectors

The Junta has underlined the “vital” importance of the livestock sector in the economic activity of Andalusia after a new attack on meat of Minister of Consumption Alberto Garzon, on this occasion in statements to a foreign medium.

And it is that the community is one of the great powers in the livestock and meat field, the third in production within Spain: the sector produces more than 2,000 million euros a year and exports to markets in other countries 130,000 tons of meat.

Besides of Chairman of the Board, Juanma Moreno, which this Tuesday demanded Pedro Sanchez a “forceful” response to Garzón’s “attack” on livestock, the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Carmen Crespo, has stated that it is going to request the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, which is “strongly positioned” in favor of the meat sector and “disapproves” Garzón. “We do not understand how he wants to be a minister when he is not proud of his country and especially of the meat sector,” said Crespo.

For the Andalusian councilor, Garzón’s words are «making a terrible damage to a complete sector, the agri-food industry in Andalusia, and not only to the meat sector ». A “vital” sector for the region and “that works from a sustainable point of view. In fact, the most important organic livestock production in all of Spain is in Andalusia and we are the third largest meat exporter of the autonomous community, “he stressed.

Also, the Vice Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the PP-A, José Carlos Álvarez, has requested the resignation of Garzón because “his opinions and decisions penalize the interests of Spain and Andalusia, harm the 12,000 farms of our autonomous community, question the work of 560 meat industries and question the employment of 24,000 workers in the sector.

Álvarez also recalled that the CAP reform raised by Planas supposes a «losses of 100 million annually“For farmers and ranchers, which is why he has again asked for this proposal to be modified and a new strategic plan be presented in Brussels since” there is still time “.

«The Andalusian countryside is located in a critical situation and it is largely due to the decisions of the Government of Sánchez and the messages so damaging that the Executive launched against a sector that works to defend employment and living conditions in the rural world of its territory, “he has settled.

Institutional statement of the Board

Also, the government council has expressed through a institutional statement support for the Andalusian livestock sector, “one of the main socioeconomic assets of the autonomous community, not only because of the economic activity it generates,” but also because it is a source of job creation, the population’s roots in rural areas and a channel for conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity or fire prevention.

The text of the declaration approved this Tuesday at the meeting in Almería reflects that the Andalusian livestock sector produced in 2020 worth 2,049 million euros and generates 5.5 million wages, in accordance with the regulations “of environmental conditions and requirements, animal welfare and health, public health and safety and quality of the food it produces” and with a predominance of an environment of “maximum conjunction of use and environmental sustainability such as the dehesa.”

The Board expresses its «defense at all costs and the highest of the awards to the meats and meat products obtained in Andalusia, and the highest of the thanks to the farmers and professionals of the meat industries and in general to the entire livestock sector and the food industry for their effort, professionalism, training, well-doing and respect for the standards that allow and will surely continue to allow obtaining products of the best world quality while respecting animals, the environment, the rural world, while guaranteeing the health and safety of their productions » .

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