The Government recognizes the danger of a spill in oil exploration in the Argentine Sea but is moving forward with the project

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation reaffirmed support for the Government’s initiative to approve the oil exploration on the Argentine Sea even though it warns for a possible spill of Petroleum on the seabed. The top of the portfolio questioned certain protests by environmental groups that warn of the possible impacts of the measure.

The secretary of Environmental Control and Monitoring, of the national Ministry of Environment, Sergio Federovisky, anticipated that the Executive “guarantees that the performance in terms of exploration or future exploitation is done with the highest possible environmental standards.” However, he acknowledged that “no one can deny that the probability of a spill always exists.”

The words of number two of the environmental portfolio differ with the statement of the head of the ministry Juan Cabandié, who a few days ago specified that “we never had an oil spill” nor is it going to happen because the Government does not want to “affect the flora and fauna. local fauna ”. However, multiple organizations and specialists made it clear that the possibility of an accident of this type is latent.

In this sense, Federovisky referred to the mobilizations against the initiative and stressed that the expressions generate “demands on the State so that any productive activity is carried out with the highest environmental standards.” However, in a critical tone, he pointed against some of the interventions of environmental groups in the Mar del Plata silvers.

“Now, from there it is said that anyone entering a beach in Mar del Plata is going to be affected by an exploitation that is going to be carried out 400 kilometers from the coast, it is an exaggeration,” he said. The Government emphasizes that it is an exploitation methodology that “has been done many times” and that about 20% of the gas produced in our country comes from coastal areas. In this sense, they consider that the exploitation of the resource can still be expanded by adding new offshore wells in the Argentine Sea.

The impact of maritime exploitation

In his Twitter account, the Biology student, Franco Bogel, revealed what consequences an oil spill would bring and how much it affects us. The data it revealed is that, in addition to the fact that in less than 10 days the Argentine coasts would be dyed black, the range would be as far as Uruguay and the damage to our water would be almost irreparable.

“According to researchers from the University of Tandil (Blanco Keesler and Giuliodori Eugenia from the Center for Environmental Technologies and Energy (CTAE) of the Faculty of Engineering), the probability of a spill on an offshore platform is 100%”, he contributed in his discharge .

Meanwhile, different groups consider that an oil spill on the water is “inevitable” while they also warn about other types of problems such as erosion in the land, contamination by use of chemicals and alteration of water by intoxication.

“This government is characterized by wanting to return to a plan of extractivism and looting typical of a colonial era, with mega-mining in Patagonia, pig farms in Chacho and now oil companies on the Atlantic coast,” concluded the discharge of the young environmentalist .

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