The deputy director of Villena who invented the threats hid the phone that incriminates her for 3 months

The scandal of the hunt for officials in the prison Villena it is taking on unexpected dimensions. Dripping from cessation and timely retirements that reveal an attempt to control the situation by Penitentiary Institutions Now we must add the evidence that shows the existence of a scheme to persecute and punish several workers in the Alicante prison and the union that supports them. The deputy director who reported having been the victim of threats and coercion gave the Civil Guard the telephone number that she claimed had been stolen. The Civil Guard used it to dismantle her lies and stop her and now focuses on finding out if she acted alone or if you received help or instructions of their prison environment.

On November 17, the Civil Guard tied up the ropes it needed and ended up arresting the one who had been Ministry of Interior She had been selling as a self-sacrificing and exemplary prison official who was the victim of nefarious acts at the hands of her own colleagues. Lie. But it is that, in addition, OKDIARIO has just had access to exclusive to the evidence that shows that this woman, whom the minister himself Marlaska defined as “a true civil servant” hiding evidence for three months that directly incriminated her in a series of falsehoods that now try to find out if she concocted alone or in league with someone else from her professional environment.

This is the Civil Guard office in which it reveals the discovery of the phone that was allegedly stolen.

That day, the deputy director of the Villena prison, the one who had denounced threats and an ambush so that she would not testify about the reduction that some officials of her prison had carried out with a violent prisoner, was arrested for false accusation and simulation of crime, as which is mentioned by the diligence in the power of this newspaper. That same day the deputy director delivered a Mobile phone that she had been hiding since August, the phone that she claimed had been stolen.

Why is that phone so important? On August 16, several officials were wounded while forcibly reducing a violent prisoner. Despite being congratulated on the 23rd, a file was opened on the same events. According to the investigated deputy director, on the 24th she began to receive threatening messages on her phone so that she would not testify against her colleagues. According to this woman, this phone disappeared on September 3, when when she got to the jail to work she turned it off and left it in her office. She did not tell anyone that he had been abducted, she did not report it until September 6, the same day she claimed to have been cornered by several men at the door of her home. According to her, these subjects cornered her to threaten her with an eloquent “quiet morning”, In alleged reference to his statement on the events of August 16.

She sent herself the threats

September, October and November. During this time, the deputy director’s complaint took away the work and salary of several of her colleagues, scapegoats from Penitentiary Institutions for these events, there were demonstrations at the gates of the jail where she worked and all the prison giants , with Marlaska at the helm, they showed their support. Meanwhile the Civil Guard silently advanced their investigations until they realized that the threatening messages of which the complainant only gave them screenshots had been written and sent by herself.

On November 17, the woman had no choice but to defeat and hand over the phone that had mysteriously disappeared three months ago. Now the Civil Guard focuses on September 6. That journey is key. She claimed to be assaulted at her home at 7 in the morning, 100 kilometers from her work, where she arrived at 8. Whoever saw her did not perceive any nervousness in her or in her actions and she did not tell anyone what happened, She was only accompanied by the administrator of the Villena prison, with whom she tried to obtain a medical report of an “old” injury, as defined in the prison infirmary. Finally, the complaint was not filed until noon, several hours after the alleged assault.

The investigators want to know the details of what happened that morning in the Villena jail, with whom the deputy director was, with whom she spoke and if she received influence or instructions from someone to sustain a complaint of events that today are more police closer to invention than to reality. Not a single objective evidence proves the existence of the menacing masked men. Perhaps it is a matter of time and the truth appears by itself, like the mobile phone that was never stolen.

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