"The big celebrity baking" (Sat.1): Evelyn Burdecki causes mega-chaos - "I was really sorry"

“The big celebrity baking” (Sat.1): Evelyn Burdecki causes mega-chaos – “I was really sorry”

January 12, 2022 at 7:29 pm

Jungle camp: the winners and what they are doing today

Jungle camp: the winners and what they are doing today

The RTL reality show “I’m a star – get me out of here!” Is very popular. There are already 14 seasons of the so-called “jungle camp”. From them 14 jungle queens emerged. We’ll introduce you to the most famous winners of all seasons and reveal what has become of them.

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Well, that’s a good start. In 2022, eight TV stars will fight again on “The big celebrity bake“For the” golden cupcake “. This time, among other things, is a reality star Evelyn Burdecki.

The 33-year-old is not exactly known for her baking skills, but takes the competition very seriously. Even before the first “The big celebrity bake“-Challenge subverts Evelyn Burdecki an embarrassing mishap, however.

“The big celebrity bake”: Evelyn Burdecki should get an egg – then misfortune follows

In order not to start from scratch and with a little prior knowledge of “The big celebrity bake“Has to start Evelyn Burdecki met with a personal “baking teacher” before the Sat.1 filming. But already in the first lesson, the blonde causes a huge mess.

“I should get an egg. He had a large bakery and there were 50 eggs on such a shelf and somehow I pulled the shelf out the wrong way, ”Evelyn recalls, ashamed, in the Sat.1 interview. What happens then could easily have come from a Hollywood comedy.


That is Evelyn Burdecki:

  • Evelyn Maria Burdecki was born on September 20, 1988 in Düsseldorf
  • Evelyn broke off an apprenticeship at Aldi to devote herself to her TV career
  • The blonde made her first television experience in the RTL dating show “Take Me Out”
  • In 2017 she took part in “The Bachelor”, but dropped out in the first episode
  • Evelyn wrote her greatest success in the RTL jungle camp, when she emerged as the jungle queen in 2019 and won 100,000 euros


The big celebrity bake“: After a mishap – Evelyn Burdecki is plagued by feelings of guilt

All 50 eggs suddenly fall to the ground and a huge egg-yolk-colored puddle spreads out on the floor. Before Evelyn Burdecki can get annoyed that she has to wipe away the mess, her first thought applies to the animals: “The poor chicks, I really felt sorry for that.”

So let’s hope that this mistake doesn’t happen to you on the Sat.1 show. Because every mistake there costs the celebrities valuable minutes.


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