Telecinco rewards Joaquín Prat and entrusts him with Julián Muñoz's specials in 'prime time'

‘It is not the hour of revenge, it is the hour of truth’ already has a premiere date on Telecinco. The special on Julián Muñoz can be seen this coming Friday, January 14, starting at 10:00 p.m. Mediaset Spain has decided not to wait any longer and launch it against ‘Your face sounds to me’, which this week will return with a new gala on the Antena 3 grill after last Friday’s rehash. This special will consist of two deliveries.

Telecinco has a extensive interview with the former mayor of Marbella; an interview conducted by Paloma García Pelayo, an expert in the ‘Malaya Case’ as well as one of the media ‘lashes’ of Isabel Pantoja in recent years. This special, which will run until 02:30 hours, will see Julián Muñoz’s reappearance on television.

Muñoz: “More than an obsession it was an addiction. That addiction ended up destroying me”

Mediaset Spain intends to follow in the footsteps of ‘Singer, the poisoned inheritance’, so that together with the interview it will analyze each of the former mayor’s statements with a large team of collaborators. Made in collaboration with Producciones Mandarina, the program will offer Muñoz’s interview in several blocks that will alternate with a live chat moderated on set by Joaquín Prat, in which journalists Paloma García Pelayo, Rosa Villacastín, Juan Luis Galiacho, Ángela Portero, José Manuel Parada and Lalo Álvarez will analyze their revelations.

Screenshot of the promo for Julián Muñoz’s special. (Mediaset)

Julián Muñoz shows himself “sincere, stark and open,” says the chain, to talk about his controversial courtship with Isabel Pantoja (from 2003 to 2009), of everything that happened in the years in which he was mayor of Marbella and, of course, of his subsequent stint in jail. The former mayor speaks for the first time on television, months after obtaining parole, about the case of urban corruption for which he was arrested in 2006.

The former politician will talk about the most controversial episodes of his life, but if there is one content that stands out above the rest, it is his relationship with Isabel Pantoja. “I wanted to talk on the phone. I was as if I had a box on my head and I only saw Pantoja, Pantoja, Pantoja. More than an obsession, it was an addiction. That addiction ended up destroying me“, confesses Muñoz in a fragment of his interview.

Julián Muñoz. (Mediaset)

Muñoz reviews the history of the period of his life since he arrived in Marbella with his wife Mayte Zaldívar and meets Jesús Gil; his relationship with Isabel Pantoja, about which he will tell unpublished details about how they met, how they lived their love and when and why it began to deteriorate until ending in a bitter breakup; and a detailed account of the events that led to the so-called Operation Malaya, her imprisonment and later that of the popular artist, are the main lines of this document in which the former mayor makes a deep reflection on his actions and their consequences

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