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After a few Christmases again dodging the virus with all its variants and enjoying life, many wanted normality and one of those friendly events in which to have a good time and be seen. We are animals of habit.

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The premiere in the Madrid cinemas Callao de ‘Raphaelismo’, Raphael’s documentary series to celebrate their 60 years on stageIt was a good time. Him and his inseparable Natalia Figueroa they played host to a night with many emotions and some popular faces wanting to share them. Although we miss many other artists who could have supported this event and its protagonist.


1. Ana Guerra a heart attack dress is the same as a turtleneck with a coat. Yesterday’s, in glitter foam with green velvet, was a very good option for the Madrid night winter.


2. I have given stylistic darts so many times RozalénShe is always kind and loving to everyone, that her black short from last night was as simple as it was correct and she finally deserved a hit.

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3. A Nieves Herrero She doesn’t tend to be overly festive and her earthy winter outfit had its normal vibe.


4. Alaska and Mario no matter what they wear, they are their own brand and that always works like clockwork.

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1. I don’t know if it is worse to find a match at a party or go to a game on purpose. Either way Ichi Segovia and Clara Alvarado their spring withered on a winter night. It was sung.

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2. When oversize hides everything, everything, everything, it stops having its grace. Tatiana Delalvz.

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3. Andrea Levy She is cute, but she insists on not showing it.

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4. Yes. Carlos Areces it still seems like the leg of his interpretations. There are things that do not change with the new year.

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5. When you arrive at a party and you don’t know where to drop your coat, or your bag, or your churri …

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If there are nights that you thought that … you thought that … and in the end because you did not know, either you indulge in double martinis or you disappear. That must have been thought and done by some.

But above all, congratulations once again, Don Raphael.

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