Shamil Tarpishchev: I think Djokovic will not get a real term

– How do you feel about the situation with Novak Djokovic, which the whole world is talking about now?

– I believe that Djokovic is right in principle, because he was given permission to enter. The Australian Tennis Federation gave him such an opportunity, confirmed that he will participate in the Australian Open, that is, that everything will be fine. He received permission to play in the tournament. But today the situation is not clear. Djokovic is now in Australia, training and preparing for the competition.

– Djokovic was indeed invited to the Australian Open, allowing him to participate in the tournament, but the tennis player, in fact, lied about the test results, and about the fact that he did not visit any of the countries before coming to Australia. But judging by his social media, he was very active traveling.

– I don’t think he lied, because several athletes came on the same visa as his, calmly train and prepare for the competition. I will not name their names. In fact, they are already participants in the tournament.

“But several participants who had similar visas have already been deported. This is the referee, and the Czech tennis player-partner, who also came to Australia on a medical challenge. This tennis player spent more than a week in Australia, played a tournament there, but after the story with Djokovic she was expelled from the country. She, by the way, is going to sue the Australian Tennis Federation. And the judge left Australia on his own initiative.

– I have other information. She is from athletes. I am in touch with our tennis players.

– But our tennis players are all vaccinated, and others did not have medical treatment, except for the judge, Czech and Djokovic.

– Good. So be it.

– How do you think the story with Djokovic will end: will he be deported, or will he play in the tournament?

– Here, in addition to all other matters, politics also interferes, because they have pre-election matters. It is clear that if at the entrance they had not interfered in Djokovic’s affairs, he would have played without problems, like the Czech woman who was deported. But Djokovic couldn’t go to Australia without permission. He was sure that he would be allowed to play. So someone told him about it.

– Now it is being discussed that Djokovic may even be given a term of 12 months. How realistic do you think that the first racket of the world will receive a term?

– I think there will be no time limit, because he never acts so crazy as to get caught and run into disqualification.

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