Sánchez allows teachers of infected classrooms to continue teaching to other students

The sick leave does not stop coming due to the escalation of infections with omicron. The lowers are primed with the schools and threaten to leave the minors without teachers in the just started return to the classrooms after Christmas. And the solution that the Government of Pedro Sánchez has sought is at least shocking: the classes with 5 or more cases will be subjected to quarantine. But of all, except the teachers, who, despite having been in the same source of contagion, will remain without quarantine if they are vaccinated, being able to go with their risk of contagion to another classroom, as established by the protocol defined by the Government of Sanchez.

The protocol established for going back to school includes different guidelines for action. Thus it collects the “actions before the appearance in a classroom of 4 confirmed cases or less, or affectation of less than 20% of the students in the class in a period equal to or less than seven days”. That is, below five cases of contagion per class. There, “confirmed cases should not come to the center and should remain in isolation until three days after the end of the clinical picture and a minimum of 7 days from the onset of symptoms or from diagnosis in asymptomatic cases.” So far everything logical and normal.

In addition, “neither will people with symptoms compatible with Covid-19 have to go to the educational center” and after “the period of isolation and until the 10 days after the onset of symptoms or at the date of diagnosis in asymptomatic cases, positive people should exercise extreme precautions and reduce social interactions as much as possible by constantly using the mask, in accordance with current legislation ”. And, of course, “you should especially avoid contact with vulnerable people.”

But, from there, the controversial issues begin. In the first place: “as indicated in the Adaptation of the Strategy for early detection, surveillance and control, it is not necessary to carry out a diagnostic test at discharge to be able to lift the isolation”. That statement, in fact, is just the opposite of the recommendation of the EU office against COVID, ECDC, which recommends tests before lifting quarantines. But in Spain there is difficulty in accessing the tests at the moment and the Government has made its own interpretation.

But the most shocking comes in the protocol for five cases of contagion or more per classroom. The protocol of “action before groups of five confirmed cases or more of active infection, or affectation of 20% or more of the students in the class in a period equal to or less than 7 days” states that “at all educational levels and with respect to the faculty and other staff of the center, quarantine instructions will be followed that are proposed for the general population according to the Adaptation of the Strategy for early detection, surveillance and control published on December 30, 2021 “. Or, what is the same, that if they are vaccinated, they do not have to quarantine, with which there is the absurdity that the children quarantine and the teachers don’t.

Covid protocol for schools.

The protocol adds that “after the quarantine period when appropriate and up to 10 days after the last day of contact with the case, they should take extreme precautions (use the mask in accordance with current legislation, limitation of the number of social contacts …) ».

But it is also clarified that “PDIA will only be carried out to vulnerable close contacts or who live in vulnerable environments”; that “in none of the scenarios is it recommended at this time to carry out mass screening in schools, unless exceptionally so indicated by the public health authorities.”

It also adds that “if it is considered that an uncontrolled transmission is taking place in an educational center, the public health services of the autonomous communities will carry out a risk assessment to analyze the need to scale the measures, ultimately assessing the temporary closure of the educational center ”.

To make matters worse, the Ministry of Health in the same protocol for teachers and students has eliminated the existing until now in terms of protection of teachers. And in the absence of the guide, obviously, the absence of the material indicated so far and now erased to protect teachers against a much more contagious variant than the previous ones. Those protocols defined all the material – masks, gloves, suits – necessary for dealing with infected children. That material, now, should no longer be available, as OKDIARIO has already published.

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