Pablo Moyano: "María Eugenia Vidal was a party, let the Justice investigate her"

Pablo Moyano compared the Ministry of Labor to the management of Maria Eugenia Vidal with that of the dictatorship of Jorge Rafael Videla, stressed the importance that “after four years the strategy to persecute and criminalize trade union organizations is coming to light, and he was hopeful that” this time Justice will investigate and those who have to pay will pay. The co-head of the CGT reiterated that the assembly of cases managed by the Macrista Executive Power with the AFI and its judicial and media bishops aimed to “silence those who were fighting” against the labor reform that the government of the Cambiemos alliance was trying to impose and affirmed that no Buenos Aires legislator should hesitate to support the request for impeachment against the attorney general of the province, Julio Conte Grand.

“The important thing is that after four years it is coming to light,” Moyano said on Radio 10 in reference to the video of former minister Marcelo Villegas with AFI agents and La Plata construction businessmen to agree on the setting up of cases against union leaders . He recalled that in 2017 “we denounced persecution, armed with causes, our union organization was raided 15 times, there was a fine of 1000 million pesos imposed by (the former Minister of Labor, Jorge) Triaca and nobody believed us, such was the protection media ”of the Macri government that the big media“ constantly attacked the union organizations that marched against the labor reform and the economic model ”.

“After four years, what we were denouncing is coming to light, the political arm of the former president with his political arm in the province, with whom he fled and took refuge in the City of Buenos Aires, Mrs. Vidal, Patricia Bullrich, (Florence) Arietto, the judicial leg with this cheeky who has not yet we know how Conte Grand continues to function, with prosecutors related to that political party and the protection of the media ”, he added, and regretted that“ they are already asking to please pass the cause to ‘Comodoro PRO’ so that all that gang of judges who have in favor of the PRO protect them ”. “Hopefully this time the Justice investigates and those who have to pay pay. Because it was not Pablo Moyano, which was their obsession, or other leaders, the issue was to silence those of us who fought to later come with a labor reform and a shower of investments that they promised, to carry out a policy of labor flexibility “, he recalled.

“These guys have done a lot of damage. What is the difference between Marcelo Villegas, the former Minister of Labor of the province of Buenos Aires, and the former Minister of Labor of the military dictatorship of Videla? His name was (Horacio Tomás) Liendo that delinquent. If they both thought the same: Disappear unions, disappear leaders and go for the rights of workers”, He reflected, and pointed against Vidal. “This lady, as always, good-looking, looking the other way, pretending to be innocent … It is as if in the union led by Hugo (Moyano) there are meetings below regarding worker policies, isn’t she going to find out? The secretary general? Now he wants to detach himself from responsibilities. It was part, that the Justice investigated it and hopefully the truth is known of how they had a whole set of causes, “he said.

Regarding the request for impeachment against Conte Grand and the difficulties faced by the Frente de Todos in obtaining a quorum in the Buenos Aires Legislature, Moyano said that “there the dignity of each senator, senator, deputy or deputy goes “. “If they are telling you that this guy was pressing judges, pressing prosecutors to set up causes, to carry out the policies imposed on him by the International Monetary Fund, and today the deputies are doubting what they are doing, well, that remains in each one’s conscience. With what was seen in the video and what will surely come out in the coming days, I think that no deputy or senator would have to have doubts in supporting the impeachment of this guy, ”he hoped.

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