The holder of the Pami, Luana Volnovich, is at the center of the controversy after the video that was broadcast on social networks where she is seen vacationing in a place of Caribe. The images led to the question of whether the retirees are receiving the relevant attention from the agency and the answer places the official once again at the center of the controversy. In that sense, Eugenio Semino He assured that “The Pami today is in a critical situation.”

This morning in dialogue with Manuel Adorni, who leads the series And someone has to say it on Radio Rivadavia, the interviewee specified that the panorama of the organization “is very serious in terms of benefits,” that is, “what is the attention to older adult by Pami ”because“ they are not taking care of other mobility beyond the Covid ”.

In this sense, he assured that “there are no shifts for specialists or for diagnostic tests” and by way of example indicated that “for a colonoscopy they are giving you an appointment for within 90 days” and added that this means that “you arrive with a worsening of the condition or in general what happens is that you enter the system as an acute patient with the risks that this implies.

“And we could talk the same about lack of home hospitalization, lack of care for chronic conditions,” he added and without keeping anything, he remarked that “not to mention mental health, which seems to be non-existent in Argentina.” In addition, he stressed that all this occurs “in the scenario of a pandemic where of the more than 117,000 deaths in Argentina, 87% are older adults.”

Therefore, he stressed that the elderly who “went through this disease in its acute stage, today would need follow-up and rehabilitation.” In addition, Semino stressed that “although this new Omicron variant does not affect the elderly because they have the vaccination plus reinforcement, it is making fewer and fewer personnel available for care.”

As a result, he stated that “attention diminishes among acute services” and added that “attention also diminishes in chronic services”, that is, “in a nursing home you have to be assisting (older adults) 24 hours a day “, But as a result of” the infections, this staff is decreasing “and then,” the attention is suffering.

“Hurtful”: this is how Eugenio Semino defined the vacation of the head of Pami

“This is the picture in which the owner of Pami gave her right to vacation,” the interviewee highlighted and pointed out that “those of us who are dedicated to the elderly know that there are two periods where we are going to have a rather complicated situation.” which are “the period of June, July for respiratory diseases and in January and February for what is called heat stroke, where problems such as dehydration occur.”

“Which leads to the average care being overloaded,” he explained and emphasized that “whoever is in some type of these services knows it”, which is why he considered that Volnovich’s vacations “are incorrect from the point of view of taking care. decisions from the professional point of view “and assured that” what this shows is that the Pami continues to be intervened by the government in power without any legal instrument. “

At that point, he stressed that the «Pami is a non-state public entity “and focusing on the holidays of the head of the entity described as” hurtful to the fact itself, taking into account that 5 million older adults charge 28,000 pesos “, a sum that represents” a third of what they need to cover the basic basket ». To conclude, he ruled that “this costs sacrifice and costs lives.”

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