Michael Bay demanded Ben Affleck "be sexy" at Armageddon

What does it take to save the world? Well, oil rig workers and a lot, a lot, a lot of sensuality! At least that raises Armageddon, that successful 1998 film where Ben Affleck plays one of the heroic drillers who must become astronauts and travel to space to blow up a dangerous asteroid. The mission required the character to train for twelve days at NASA. But on the real plane, Affleck had to undergo a very different kind of preparation… nothing more and nothing less than a beauty regimen.

Chatting with Matt Damon to THAT ONE, Ben Affleck recalled that director Michael Bay and producer Jerry Bruckheimer were very strict with the physical appearance of AJ Frost, his role in Armageddon. The insistence was like “you have to go to the tanning bed,” according to the actor. But not satisfied with it, the leaders of the film also entrusted him to attend the gym and even go to a dentist.

«They made me fix my teeth, exercise and be sexy«, He confessed. «[Se trataba de] running in the gym, putting oil on your body and stuff. Y [la película] It turned out to be a long version of one of those calendars with topless men, in a garage, carrying a tire, a little greased. Michael had a vision of a male torso glistening with oil, and he said, ‘That will go in the trailer and sell tickets!’«

Such a demand for sensuality was linked to the fact that Ben Affleck seemed to be becoming the “boy from the great movies” while Matt Damon became the “serious boy” within the duo of Indomitable mind. At least that was the perception of the public, according to Damon in the same talk, who also recognized how incredible the cast of Armageddon, with personalities like Bruce Willis, Owen Wilson, Billie Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler and Steve Buscemi.

That disaster tape cost approximately $ 140 million. And while the critics were not at all kind to her – 38% on Rotten Tomatoes – her spectacularity allowed her to gross $ 553.7 million at the global box office. Affleck himself acknowledged having been sufficiently impressed with the level of production to ignore the nonsense of the script.

This was the real Hollywood, which I felt I had never seen. They dug two Disney sets to simulate huge asteroid craters, and I didn’t even think about the fact that the basic premise of the film was totally absurd. “

And I add:

Why are they training oil drillers to be astronauts instead of astronauts to be oil drillers? You’d think the learning curve would be a bit steeper on the oil drillers route to becoming astronauts. But it was funny”.

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We saw Ben Affleck recently on The Tender Bar, a film directed by George Clooney, now available on Prime Video México.

In the role of Batman, the actor still has one more film pending within the DCEU, which is The Flash. Its theatrical release is scheduled for November 4, 2022. Excited?

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