Is the German government ready to meet Russia with NATO security guarantees?

12 Jan. 2022 22:24

For the talks with the US side in Geneva last Sunday and Monday, Russia sounded out to what extent NATO would also be prepared to rule out a further expansion of the alliance to the east. Berlin does not seem to want to accommodate the Russian side on this issue. RT asked at the federal press conference.

At the US government’s press conference following the Geneva talks earlier this week, the US side brought up a link between safety issues and the commissioning and use of the “Nord Stream 2” natural gas pipeline. The pipeline has the “potential to exert pressure” on Moscow.

This spectacular statement has so far remained undisputed in official Berlin – reason enough for inquiries at the Federal Press Conference, namely to what extent the Federal Government would be prepared to accommodate Russia in the field of security policy and NATO eastward expansion, or what the Federal Government believes against an accommodation in this Question speak.

The government spokesman’s response was:

“I think we have discussed that here several times. What is clear is that the basic principles of international law apply and are not made available. These basic principles provide that each individual country can decide for itself which alliance it wants to join more closely Consultation with the respective alliance, and there are no exclusion criteria. Nevertheless, I want to make it clear that Ukraine’s accession is not being discussed at this point in time. “

When asked about the US’s use of “Nord Stream 2” as leverage against Russia, the government spokesman replied:

“I don’t think the federal government is evaluating that at all. I think the positions have been exchanged, also with regard to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. There is currently an examination process that is ongoing. That remains to be seen and all further developments in the light of this test. “

The response of the government spokesman suggests that Berlin sees itself being shown by Washington insofar as, in the run-up to the US talks with Moscow, it was by no means ruled out that this German-Russian gas pipeline could be kept out of the bilateral talks entirely. This impression persists even after repeated inquiries:

“I understood your question the first time and therefore answered it as I answered it.”

The reaction of the spokesman from the Foreign Office was also rather tight-lipped:

“For the Foreign Ministry I can of course only underline what Mr Hebestreit has just said and make it clear again, Mr Warweg: You know that when the proposals from Russia came up here and became public, we discussed them at this point and have made it clear that we have taken note of these proposals and that they are part of the talks and deliberations. These talks and deliberations are still ongoing; they are taking place today in the NATO-Russia Council report, then we will be happy to do so. “

In the end, such answers could give an even better understanding of why people in Moscow turn directly to their US counterparts for fundamental security and foreign policy issues, even if the negotiations actually concern European issues.

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