Intentional or part of the game?  The fall of Tania Rincón in "Today", caused by Andrea Escalona

The television host and singer Andrea Escalona placeholder image, has received many criticism for supposedly causing a fall of his partner Tania Rincón, in one of the recent broadcasts of the morning “Today”, one of Televisa’s stellar programs and with the highest rating in our country.

What happened? The presenters of the aforementioned program, carried out the game “Pass it to the blackboard”, where they must answer some questions of general knowledge. In this dynamic, they competed Tania Rincon and Andrea Escalona; the questions were read by Arath de la Torre.

After showing their skills with some plastic cups, both ran to their respective blackboards to write down the answers: common name of H2O, complete the saying “better safe than …” and where is Machu Picchu?

Later, they had to run to touch a button located on a table next to Arath; both arrived at the same time and from one moment to another, the daughter of the late television producer Magda Rodríguez, pushes the former presenter of “Venga la feliz” on TV Azteca, who couldn’t help falling on the floor.

“Tania! Are you okay?” Said Galilea Montijo. Was helped by Andrea Escalona placeholder image and Arath de la Torre to stand up and later received a hug from Andrea Legarreta.

And given the criticism received on social networks, Andrea Escalona denied having a feud with Tania Rincón. As a joke he said: “it was perfect to throw you, I planned it.”

His partner follows suit and says: “not even Steven Spielberg would have made an ending like that.” Andrea added: “we hated each other for a lifetime, long ago, since we competed in other shows.”

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These are some of the comments from YouTube users: “Expulsion for Escalona, ​​he pushed Tania, it was clear”, “Tania came to give freshness to that program and Escalona did push her”, “Tania the best in many ways and manners, Andrea Escalona very badly done, that negative competitive attitude does not help him, he can still correct and win the affection of the people “,” do not worry, Tania used to fall all the time in ‘Come joy’, but you can see the tension between the two “and many more.

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