Infernal!  The lack of water grows and several neighbors were still without electricity

The lack of water and electricity affects different areas of the City. While the claims against Absa multiplied for the lack of an essential service in the midst of the heat wave, claims for the failures in the electric power service were added since yesterday. Some were solved at dawn, while others still persisted.

For example, in the neighborhoods between Plaza Yrigoyen and Plaza Sarmiento, in the heart of the Urban Quarter and steps from the center of the City, they have already been without electricity for several hours and the anger of the user families was felt this morning. It is no wonder, because of a failure in Edelap’s service, they have been going through the 41 ° day without ventilation, without refrigeration and with absolute stress. Meanwhile, from areas such as Gonnet, Tolosa, Ringuelet, La Loma and Los Hornos insisted that their taps are dry and anxiety was also growing.

“In my house since December 23 there has not been a drop of water” complained today a neighbor of 45 between 146 and 147. “They have been seeing me since December 24 but everything remains the same,” he added. He also said that “there is a leak and surely the whole neighborhood does not have water because something was disconnected.”

On the other hand, yesterday Edelap stated that the service would return at midnight in the aforementioned area, which made the neighbors think of a relief or consolation, at least to spend a cool night, but that did not happen in all the affected neighborhoods, since this morning some continued without supply, as explained in the WhatsApp of EL DIA (+5492214779896. The companies reported today that they continue to work in the vicinity of Plaza Yrigoyen, “where there was a zone service exit and its estimated normalization towards this noon, as well as in other interruptions in specific sectors “.

The affected area extends over 19th avenue and its surroundings, at least from 60 to 66. Last night, with the darkness, the magnitude of the blackout could be clearly reflected.

According to Marcelo, days ago, on January 3, there was a similar cut of more than ten hours in 19 and 64. Since then at the corner of 20 and 65 a generator worked. With the new cut, the residents indicated that “it is crazy if in the middle of January they want to provide service to a neighborhood with that small team.” Yesterday, the machine was gone. They also stated that in recent days “there were people working on a connection in Plaza Sarmiento.”

This time, the power stopped yesterday at 10:50. The service returned for a moment between 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m., since Edelap personnel worked at the site. But it stopped again as the thermometer rose. And today, in another hot day, the blackout continued.

Marcelo said that he lives in a building and that his situation is that of all the families that inhabit that property. And he described that it is a neighborhood of many older adults and young families with small children, who are the ones who suffered the most from the lack of light yesterday due to the aggressive heat wave.

Another neighbor, aged 20 and 64, said that this morning he began to dispose of merchandise. “Cheese and butter, and meat that I had in the freezer, all in the pan,” he said. “How do we do with all this? Who pays for all this that we are losing?”

Jorge lives at 62 and 18. According to he said, “yesterday’s Edelap app contained: ‘Squad in the area.’ Today it appears ‘Diagnosed.'” We have been without electricity for almost 20 hours, “he added.

Mirta Casabone, a victim aged 62 and 18, was blunt: “We are desperate,” she said. “Here and in the Parque Saavedra area we have been without electricity since yesterday. There are elderly people. All the rotten food. It is a disaster. Who is going to help us?” He exclaimed.

A similar table was recorded by Alejandra, from 60 and 16. “Since yesterday at 4.30 pm we continue without electricity. It is crazy and Edelap does not give answers,” he claimed.

Claudia Etcheverry affirmed this morning that “the electricity still did not return here in 63 between 14 and 15”. “I hope, please, that they can solve it for me.” “Above, you have to make a claim for the application, before at least it could be done by phone. But it is impossible to talk to someone from Edelap,” he said.

Emiliano, aged 67 and 21, was also included among those affected “by the Edelap cut.” “Edelap had said that it was solved at midnight yesterday … How much mistreatment to users. Today we are still the same after 40 degrees that we suffered without ventilation.”

Meanwhile, Ezequiel Suárez, reported several blocks without electricity. “At a minimum, the cut goes from 62 to 66 and from 18 to 21, from yesterday at 15. But it was also cut in the morning,” he reported.

The water, another headache

This morning, when the heat began to hit again, neighbors reported water cuts in different parts of the City. Yesterday, a group convened at the doors of ABSA, at 7 between 57 and 58, to make the drama visible and demand solutions.

Some points still without water supply were 16 between 490 and 492, the PAMI neighborhood of Villa Elvira, 10 bis from 511 to 513, 43 between 8 and 9. In this context, neighbors regretted that due to the inadequacies of electricity and water services “It’s as if we lived in the stone age.”

Returning to the electricity service, yesterday in Los Hornos the thermal sensation reached 43.5º and it was the hottest part of the La Plata district. Arminda, a 63-year-old between 165 and 166, lamented that “we don’t have electricity and we were like this all day, which was really overwhelming.” “With this heat you cannot live like this,” he said.

Another neighbor slipped that “we have been without electricity since yesterday afternoon, from 4 pm”. As he specified, it is a recurring drama: “We always have the same problem with a transformer on the block. We call the Edelap company and a machine tells you that they are going to solve the problem and nothing happens.” “The transformer is on 135th Street between 62 and 63. There are sick old people and children who are suffering from it with these temperatures and very badly. Please, we ask that the problem be solved as soon as possible,” he asked.

This morning there were also claims for lack of power in 41 and 28, in La Loma. Carlos Errecarte assured that “they changed a transformer, the ups and downs began and now we don’t directly have energy.” For his part, René, aged 29 between 41 and 42, reported “very low tension” at his home.

What Edelap says

Edelap reports that its staff continues to work with its expanded technical capacity to normalize the outages that occurred in the context of the extreme heat wave hitting the region. Specifically, the tasks are focused on normalizing the operation of the underground networks that provide supply to users located in the vicinity of Plaza Yrigoyen, in the town of La Plata, where there was a zonal service exit and its normalization is estimated by this noon. ; as well as in other interruptions in specific sectors.

The operation of the service is carried out in a context of maximum demand due to the unusually high temperatures produced by the extreme heat wave, which affects a large part of the country and especially our region. Although during the day today temperatures are expected within normal parameters for the summer, as of Thursday and until Sunday they will again be unusually high.

Within the framework of the health emergency, the company is working with its expanded technical capacity, with its Emergency Operational Plan in a state of alert and in coordination with the different municipalities. Its Operational Center is monitoring the effects of the heat wave in the provision of the service in order to coordinate the tasks to respond to the problems that may arise in the framework of this extreme meteorological phenomenon.

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