"I'm not so desperate, it's a morcón": he does not cut himself and defenestrates his date in 'First Dates'

In the nearly six-year history of ‘First Dates’ in Four There have been dates of all kinds, but few as bad as the one starring Ana María and Juanjo this Tuesday, January 11. The two of them came to the restaurant eagerly, but as soon as they saw the first impression it could not be worse. The single woman did not know where to go, and did not cut a hair when expressing it to the waiter, even putting his hands to his face: “Oh, I don’t like it!”.

But Ana went further in front of the program’s cameras, where she made her opinion about Juanjo very clear, even before she opened her mouth: “By God, by God, I’m dying! Before I jump on the train. I’m not that desperate, huh. He is a morcón, my God! “.

The worst thing is that this bad first impression did not stop there, but as the evening progressed, her opinion was confirmed more and more: “It can be an ugly morcón, but it has something. He looked me in the eyes a lot, of course, I am a hottie for him, but it is very bland, very bland. He seems like a morcón to me because he only talked to me about things from the past, where he worked and so on, instead of talking about things that are to come, that can be done. He was talking to me about his grandchildren, who have 12 … things without feet or head! “.

Juanjo and Ana María, in ‘First Dates’. (Four)

“There is nothing nice, funny, optimistic. But hey, it is what it is and that’s it! He does not have a good conversation about this that you say ‘it is not worth much, but it is nice to be with him, it encourages me’. None of that, I was looking forward to picking up my ass and leaving“, he confessed before ending the meeting, thus summarizing the lack of spark of his appointment after not finding any common ground.

Despite all the above, the most tense moment of the night was yet to be produced, since Ana María did not mince words when it came to facing ‘The final decision’ in front of Juanjo: “Well, I expected something else. You’re a little … well, you’re not what I had in mind. You are not the man that I need, you are very short of words, I need a person to cheer me up more“.

He breaks into his friend’s date on ‘First Dates’ to apologize for what he was doing

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At this point, the viewer could know, for the first time, Juanjo’s opinion about her: “I also expected something else, maybe a younger woman, and then I have cut myself more and have conditioned the appointment,” he said trying to excuse himself. She seemed to understand him, but she was still just as harsh in her criticism: “You have to be honest, here we come to look for someone who can contribute something to us to be happier, and you have not contributed anything to me. I no longer know what to tell you, but from the beginning it was already a bland, uncomfortable, insipid thing. ”

“I’m still with the free poster,” Juanjo said as a reply, trying to put some humor to the outcome, without success, because then he had the biggest cut of Ana María: “Yes, man, yes. There are a lot of women our age out there, but I’m still not that desperate“, he snapped as he got up and left. Without a doubt, the worst date in the history of the program, from beginning to end.

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