Igea hand out 250,000 euros for historical memory 10 days before the elections are called

The Ministry of Transparency, Spatial Planning and Foreign Action of Castilla y León led by Francisco Igea awarded 250.000 euros in direct aid to civil war associations of historical memory. It is an agreement that was signed 10 days before the call for elections by the popular Alfonso Fernández Manueco. These subsidies have been granted by direct concession and, likewise, without publicity in the official gazette of the region.

The agreement of the Governing Council of December 9, 2021 includes, as OKDIARIO has verified, the proposal of the Ministry then in the hands of Francisco Igea, former Vice Chairman of the Board and current Cs candidate to chair the Board, to formalize these grants.

The amounts are awarded for finger, as a public contest is not opened so that any entity can present its project. Among the winners, the Association for the Recovery of the Historical Memory of Valladolid, the Provincial Coordinating Association for the Recovery of the Historical Memory of Burgos, the Asociation Salamanca for Memory and Justice and Association Soriana for the Memory and Dignity. The universities from León, Salamanca and Burgos.

Associations receive more than 171,000 euros and the academic institutions cited nearly 80,000. All actions are promoted by the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Transparency, Spatial Planning and Foreign Action, as they claim, within the joint framework of the action that involves the 2020-2024 Quadrennial Plan. It is a roadmap set by the Government of Pedro Sánchez. In particular, by the Secretary of State for Democratic Memory, of the Ministry of the Presidency.

Board information. (Click to enlarge)

The official documentation emphasizes that these direct aids have the support of the Historical Memory Advisory Council Castilla y León, as specified in the concession agreement.

The official database of subsidies and public aid of the Ministry of Finance collects concessions without advertising or competitive competition, for example, from 61.958 euros for the Association for the Recovery of the Historical Memory of Valladolid.


A detail that draws attention to the sources of OKDIARIO is that the “outsourcing ”of up to 100% of the total execution of the activities foreseen in the agreement that is signed between the parties.

In any case, the counseling itself justifies the direct concession by “the specificity of the object of the subsidy, as well as the characteristics and conditions of the beneficiary “. It is ensured that these particularities entail “the impossibility of promoting public participation, therefore all the requirements determined by the General Subsidies Law are met.” That is to say, that the object of historical memory and the presumed suitability of this memorialist association prevent public attendance to qualify for the grant, but not to outsource it thereafter up to 100%. “Now these associations become contractors that manage public funds, it is tremendous,” criticize the sources of this newspaper.

Another privilege that the entities chosen by the Francisco Igea team will enjoy is that, as stated in the file, they will be able to receive advance payments of subsidies without the need to present guarantees for them.

“A cacicada”

From the Association of historical memory Raíces they consider that we are before «an authentic cacicada that privileges the memorialist associations of the left, which are almost all of them, which enjoy exorbitant privileges, such as direct concessions, without advertising, possibility of subcontracting and even of advance payments without the need to provide guarantees for them; incomprehensible situation in an autonomous community such as Castilla y León ».

Francisco Igea visiting an exhumation project.
Francisco Igea visiting an exhumation project.

This association hopes that after the current elections «these ideological expenses are suspended more typical of private beach bars than of a just and objective search for the truth of our Civil War and more recent history ». They ask that “these enormous resources be dedicated to what emptied Spain needs most.”

This entity has already filed an appeal for reversal against this agreement. «The reasons for this appeal for reinstatement are based on the fact that has not been motivated in the resolution the reasons that justifyn the direct grant of public subsidies, as well as that they have not been published in the official gazette of said autonomous community “.


These grants promoted by Francisco Igea seek “investigation, historical research and collection of testimonies; The localization, exhumation and identification of persons victims of violence in the Civil War and the Franco dictatorship; anthropological and genetic analysis; and facilitate knowledge of the facts in accordance with the principles of truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition ”.

It is also intended “to disseminate the works carried out in historical and democratic memory; update and disseminate the map of graves; preserve and restore the mortal remains of the victims; favor the regular burial of remains, dignify burial places and pay tribute to the victims; promote the moral reparation of the victims and the recovery of their personal and family memory; promote spaces and events associated with events of singular relevance; and promote memorials and places of democratic memory ».

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