"I don't want a person like that": Tania rejects Alejandro's pleas in 'Temptations'

Overdose of disappointment and a heart broken in two. This has been the final bonfire between Alejandro Nieto and Tania in ‘The island of temptations’. She has not let her unfortunate comments pass, and he, despite begging him to follow, has gone alone.

The confrontation already started on the wrong foot when Alejandro found out that his girlfriend had had a 24-hour date with Stiven. The next thing was to attack her for her behavior on the island with her partner Zoe: “Are you a lesbian, bisexual, or something?”. Immediately afterwards, the ex-model admitted to being disenchanted with his girlfriend because of what he saw her do and say in the other village: “I have a huge disappointment with this girl”.

“I feel that if I went with him, no matter how much I forgave him, that attitude has no explanation”

A behavior that Tania has explained with complete calm and always reminding her that she has had it very present at all times, that it was all games and moments of happiness. The Andalusian’s reaction made the situation even worse: “What game or game? So much game!”. Such was his indignation that he threatened to leave: “I can’t be here. What an embarrassment!“.

They were recalling the images and Alejandro came to tell her face that, “you have not respected yourself”, as a woman. A comment that has deepened even more the pain that she already felt with her attitudes. Tania’s rejection gestures at the comments of her then boy augured the worst. He excuses himself in that He expressed himself that way about her, because he was pissed off.

Alejandro Nieto and Tania, in ‘The island of temptations’. (Mediaset)

“For me respect is fundamental and I have realized that you do not have it for meAnd worst of all, you think I don’t have it. If you think that is that you do not know me “, she confessed looking into his eyes, in addition to telling him that it was not expected that precisely he had spoken like that. Something that,” I can not get it out of my mind “.” How can I love someone who has treated me this way! “, the girl reflected before drinking the determination to leave alone and break the relationship.

A verdict that he accepted for nothing in the world: “Please think about it. I beg you. Please come with me and we can talk about it. Please! I beg!“. Crying without consolation, running through the whole set nervously and putting his hands to his head, Alejandro asked him not to leave him:” The love of my life, why are you doing this to me! Please I beg!”.

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However, Tania was quite clear: “Respect my decision. I need to assimilate what happened. I can’t get out of hand with a person like that, because I don’t want a person like that in my life. “And he ends:” I feel that if I went with him, no matter how much I forgave him, that attitude has no explanation. ”

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