The heat wave not only exposes the electricity meter to rotate more than necessary, but also to the growth in consumption of home light that leads the system to define more service interruptions during this summer. Faced with this situation and as a way to contribute to energy saving, the Association of Electric Power Distributors of the Argentine Republic (Adeera) has provided the population with a series of recommendations in this regard.

Air conditioning

– Set the air conditioning to 24 ° C: each extra degree represents 8% more consumption.

– Clean the filters every three months so that the equipment does not consume excess energy.

– To preserve the temperature, keep the doors and windows of the space being used closed.

– Turn off the air conditioning when leaving the room.

Televisions and other gadgets

– Do not keep them on unnecessarily: they use more energy and reduce their useful life.

– Disconnect them when they are not used since, even when switched off, they continue in “stand by”. It is estimated that up to 15% of household energy consumption can be produced by this function.

– At the end of the charge, unplug the cell phone charger so that it does not produce unnecessary consumption.

Integral lighting of the house

– Use LED lamps: they consume 45% less than the low consumption ones and last seven times longer.

– Paint the internal spaces of the house in light colors: thus, lower power lamps will be needed to illuminate them.

– Do not leave lights on in unused spaces.

Refrigerators and freezer

– Check that the door seals are in good condition to avoid loss of cold.

– Try to open it only when necessary and for the shortest possible time.

– Do not put hot food in the refrigerator.

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