He had spent 204 days in space!  Astronaut André Kuipers, who came to Turkey: "Before 2030, humans will go to the Moon again”

Astronaut André Kuipers came to Turkey as part of the NASA Space Exhibition and shared his experiences of 204 days in space with space enthusiasts.

Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, whose main profession is a doctor, spent a total of 204 days in space, 11 days during the Delta mission and 193 days during the PromISSe mission, in 2004, making the longest space flight in European history.


In his speech at the fair, André Kuipers, who shared his predictions about the future situation in space exploration, said, “Manned or unmanned trips to space will become more frequent. “Before 2030, humans will return to the Moon for scientific studies, to use the Moon’s natural resources for future mining activities, and to prepare for trips to Mars,” he said.


Astronaut André Kuipers said, “Going into space is like being on a roller coaster in an amusement park. You have to really want it or you can’t wait that long. You know it’s actually safe, but you don’t know what to expect. As you go up, you feel a tension in your body. It’s exciting but you don’t know what to expect. It’s like in a roller coaster. This exhibit is very good for getting an idea about space. It’s also very good for being a source of inspiration. It shows people that technology is a good thing. It’s really important. It’s very important that every person sees it whenever possible. We like that “We are part of a great adventure, and for the first time, people have stepped into space. This exhibition will be an inspiration to all children who come here. I’m sure one or two of them will go to space when they grow up. That’s why it’s such an important exhibition.” he said.


NASA Space Exhibition, held in a shopping center in Ataşehir, will keep its doors open to visitors until the end of February. The exhibit also includes real Moonstone. Clothing worn by astronauts going into space, astronaut menus and equipment used in missions, as well as models of the Apollo capsule, Sputnik 1 satellite and the International Space Station (ISS) are also on display.


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