"Gebt ihnen Pelmeni!" Russischer Gouverneur empört über Verbot von Teigtaschen in Schulen

12 Jan. 2022 20:07 clock

The governor of the Moscow region advocates the Russian national dish pelmeni. Now he has asked his staff to deal with the reintroduction of pelmeni into the school menu.

Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov has sharply criticized the ban on serving pelmeni (Russian dumplings filled with meat) to schoolchildren. In one meeting, the official was unable to understand why school catering regulations prohibit the favorite dish of many Russians. Literally was called is:

“If the children want pelmeni, give them pelmeni. What’s the problem?”

Pelmeni became an issue after a survey of school children found that children would like to change the diet in schools. In particular, the students want pelmeni in the school cafeteria. Vorobyov emphasized:

“At all times, during our school and university days, pelmeni were one of our favorite foods. Back then there were neither burgers nor french fries.”

Meanwhile, pelmeni are classified as a “high risk product” by the Russian consumer health regulator due to the minced meat it contains. Therefore, they are not offered to the students. The governor countered this too:

“There is not a single person here in the hall or out there who is listening to us, who has not already eaten pelmeni and sees it as a threat. Anything can be a threat!”

Andrei Vorobyov instructed officials to come up with a solution to the problem, adding that he could give approval for a specially named “quality company” to be certified to produce low-risk pelmeni for schools.

Pelmeni play one of the main roles in Russian national cuisine. They are usually made from a mixture of beef, mutton and pork. The Russian dumplings can also be filled with fish. For the most part, pelmeni are eaten as the main course. They are traditionally served with smetana (sour cream) or with melted butter and with vinegar, salt and pepper. The national dish is usually cooked in salted water, but it can also be fried in the pan.

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