First thing: the internal social debt

The most important political and economic issue in our country is the internal social debt with millions of boys and girls, workers mired in the inhumane affront of poverty and hunger, although it should include sectors of the middle class harassed by the loss of income and the uncertainty about his future. We are also facing the impasse of external indebtedness that the passage of macrismo for power left us, since the renegotiation of the debt with removal, grace period and reduction of rates of 68 billion dollars with private foreign creditors achieved During 2020, it is only part of the heavy anchor that our people carry on their shoulders. The other 44 billion dollars that Juntos por el Cambio contracted in 2018 with the IMF have yet to be resolved, so that its model of adjustment and capital flight would not explode, and Macri’s re-election would be achieved.

Two years of negotiations passed, and the political positions of the different sectors involved are manifested harshly, whether of those who had responsibility for the unpayable debt taking, as is the case of the leaders and officials of JxC and the IMF itself, or of those who by popular mandate must resolve this complex situation in a viable path for the country and its inhabitants: the national government of the FdT. Its current position corresponds to the proposal to the citizens in their electoral commitment: to get out of this problem without adjustments on the backs of the people, with a process of economic growth with social inclusion that can address both fronts inherited at the same time: firstly second, the internal social debt and second, the debt with foreign creditors.

Paradoxically, the current opposition, the main responsible for the agreement with the Fund, maintains its line of ignoring that it was they who generated this nonsense, but they also remain in an obstructionist attitude in the face of the thorny negotiation that the President and the Minister of Economy are carrying out with the IMF, subject to the hegemony of the United States. This “political reason” of the right wing is the true cause of the rejection of the 2022 budget and the claim to generate a fiscal hole of 30 billion pesos, with the failed parliamentary attempt on the personal property law.

Minister Guzmán was clear: the IMF intends political unity so that we can comply with the essence of its strategy: the so-called “conditionalities.” Which in good romance means adjustment of social spending. For its part, the government needs political strength to assert the country’s position and ensure that economic development is not limited, nor is the objective of the general well-being of the Argentine men and women impeded. However, in the increasingly obvious push and pull that JxC had, a crucial point that must be recorded is evident: the irreducible positioning of the Buenos Aires head of government, Rodríguez Larreta, although he finally ends up agreeing to a possible meeting with opposition governors. It is a political position of the right-wing leader who is more focused on restoring the macrista neoliberal project aligned with the interests of the United States, at a political moment on the continent of triumphs of democratic, popular and progressive governments, with the revitalization of the CELAC that our country will lead, which generates a new historical opportunity to recover autonomous policies of the great hegemonic power, supported by the solidarity integration of governments and peoples in defense of their resources and improvement of the lives of the majority.

No opposition governor held a political attitude as undemocratic and motivated by electoral interest as Larreta’s, including Governor Gerardo Morales, who arbitrarily holds Milagro Sala in prison.

In reality, the economic model of the Buenos Aires head of government coincides with that proposed by the IMF. This position is not new since it is about the continuity of the macrismo and its political project, which the citizens rejected in the presidential elections of 2019. It is also necessary to appreciate that Larreta is increasingly aware of the ideological synchronization with the new ambassador American, Marc Stanley, who demanded that Argentina make a shift in its foreign policy towards the strategic objectives of the great power, while peremptorily demanded that the government present an orthodox economic plan, given that the program that is being carried out currently it is not to your taste and interest. This one is a hawk, and as such he practices extreme monroism: “America for the Americans.” The opportunistic behavior of macrilarretism aims to weaken Argentina’s position before the multilateral organization, while blowing up the seams of the porteño mayor’s dove disguise that with so much dedication (and official guideline) the hegemonic media are in charge of building with the precision of a tailor.

The truth is that the management in the city for which he was elected is subordinating to his presidential plan. Since he can no longer be reelected, and now freed from the fancier package, he had a budget approved for 2022 that, as in 2021, does not allocate funds for large-scale public works, including the subway, maintains the line of increases and “Updates” of taxes, and turned his energies to the political army in the province of Buenos Aires, for which he incorporated the former mayor of Vicente López Jorge Macri. Continuing with the flagrant contradictions, he claims that the place to deal with the debt issue is the Congress, when he fell silent at the crucial moment when his mentor Macri put us in debt in 24 hours without consulting Parliament and behind the back of society. He is also silent about the Gestapoism that involves who was his deputy head of government and placed first on the list of national deputies: the “queen dove”, María Eugenia Vidal.

* General Secretary of the Solidarity Party. Director of the Cultural Center of the Floreal Gorini Cooperation.

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