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  • Feride threatens Serkan’s mother and succeeds in getting the girls paid at the private school

  • Serkan’s mother manages to get the girls to withdraw the complaint

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“It does not matter if they are innocent, they are already marked forever.” This is how forceful the director of the orphanage is. And he is not mistaken. Just hours after the incident in the park, a newspaper publishes the photo of the girls under the headline ‘Anti-prostitution raid in the park’. The news spreads like wildfire and the girls have to leave their institutes. However, Feride is not willing to allow this to end her future and makes this drama an opportunity. And it succeeds. After reporting to the private facility Serkan and his friends attend, he threatens Mrs. Nazan with ruining their lives if the girls are not admitted. “If they do not accept them here, they will not remove the complaint and their son and his friends will end up as isolated as they. If necessary, I will print your photos and hang them up, “says Feride, who succeeds in getting the school to accept the four young women.

Feride and Serkan’s mother

Unfortunately, arrival at the new center will not be easy. In the next chapter of ‘Orphans’, the girls will be teased by their new classmates. “You are not ashamed. If you had a bit of decency you would not go out into the streets. Go back to your poor schools, here you will not understand anything”, the girls will tell them. Only one of the students will be uncomfortable with the insults and humiliations towards his new classmates. Will Serkan be able to avoid the harassment they are trying to subject them to?

Songül undergoes a medical examination

The incident in the park has given the Eylül and their friends a hard time. Although Feride believes girls, cannot prevent physical virginity examinations from beginning. The first to go through the consultation will be Songül, who offers to do so upon seeing Eylül’s fear of going through the consultation. “Do not worry about me. I am the strongest. Nothing can kill me,” says the young woman, who is finally very touched by what happened and after knowing that none of the others will have to take the exam after the boys withdraw the complaint.

Songül, before the medical examination

The boys withdraw the complaint

After learning the truth about what happened in the park and following the instructions of his lawyer, heSerkan’s mother shows up at the orphanage director’s office to reach an agreement insisting that his son and his friends tell the truth and he acts out of pity. “I am sorry for his girls and they would end up being unfortunate and I would not have a clear conscience. I do not want to be the one to blame for their ruin. Out of humanity we have made the decision to withdraw the complaint if the girls withdraw theirs. If you prefer to continue with the judicial process, we would be willing, “says the director of the center, who despite suspecting that she does not do it out of humanity, decides to accept the treatment, which prevents the rest of the girls from having to go through the exam doctor.

Feride at the orphanage

Feride’s decision

On the other hand, Feride is very clear that he has no future with Vedat and although he insists on winning her back, she is blunt. With the unexpected support of the neighbor upstairs, the young woman will have enough strength to stand up to her ex-fiancé. “I want to forget that you exist, is that clear to you?”

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