Editorial ;  S'unir or perir!

Faced with economic and financial sanctions of rare violence taken by ECOWAS and UEMOA, last Sunday in Accra, the Malian people and their leaders have only one reflex: to unite in the face of the adversity. While Malians were divided between those who insisted on a short, agreed transition and those who wanted to give time to the transitional authorities to even reorganize the mode of governance of the country.

Clearly, if the intransigence of ECOWAS and its international allies have produced a desirable effect in Mali, it is to unite the Malians around their leaders. Because, who today can disapprove of the country’s leaders in their response to ECOWAS and would not look like a stateless person, an enemy of his nation? Which will put internal disagreements under the bushel of collective survival. Because, the closing of the borders, the freezing of Malian assets in the central banks seriously penalize any Malian, whatever his obedience … It is to the point that the unions have even canceled their notice of strike, even before the decreed social truce. by the government. It is also appropriate to widen certain prisoners, like Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga to boost this gathering of survival!

Thus, the leaders must bring together all the voices that matter in the country, to wear the mantle of “defenders of the Nation in danger”. This will go through discreet meetings of “washing dirty laundry in the family”, then, the setting in motion of national efforts to circumvent these “illegal and illegitimate sanctions”.

Need we remember that after the Second World War, when Nazi Germany was doomed to gemonies, the Germanophile fiber grew wild and aroused sympathy beyond the Rhine? This therefore encourages our leaders to invest in the saving mission of finding new partners in the State in danger. Now is the time to use the state’s national address books to knock on new doors. Is it not with this in mind that the government has assured the populations of the correct supply of the country? This does not have to be wishful thinking. The state’s credit depends on it!

Economic operators, private sector executives, political actors and civil society are all called upon to act to save the nation threatened in its existence. We must then unite or perish. Happy New Year 2022!


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