Does Federal Health Minister Lauterbach actually read the studies he tweets about?

12 Jan. 2022 19:45

Health Minister Lauterbach is causing a stir again. On January 8, he distributed a study on alleged diabetes development in children after corona infection via Twitter. The study was torn apart by experts as inadequate, but Lauterbach kept silent about it. RT DE asked at the federal press conference.

Despite his actually time-consuming post as Federal Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach still seems to find a surprising amount of time for his Twitter activities. Among other things, he tweeted on January 8th:

“The CDC report shows that children and adolescents have an increased risk of developing diabetes after Covid infection. We do not yet know whether this also applies to Omicron. I think vaccination is the better solution, you do not see such complications there.”

But already at the time of the tweet from the German Federal Minister of Health, there was massive criticism from specialist circles of this CDC study, for example from the medical professor on January 7th Walid Gellad from the University of Pittsburg and director of the Center for Drug Policy. He was supported in his criticism, among others, by the two renowned Harvard professors Joseph Allen such as Jeffrey Flier. Among other things, they emphasize the focus on a single diabetes coding and the complete lack of data on key variables such as acute diabetes before a corona infection and on existing obesity.

But that’s not all, the study authors themselves admit on page 6 of the study the enormous limitations of their study. However, there is not a word about it in the Twitter thread of the new German health minister. He even goes a step further and claims in the same tweet that “there are such complications with vaccinees.” [Diabetes]”would not see.

However, just a look at the current “Report on suspected cases of side effects and vaccination complications after vaccination to protect against COVID-19” from the Paul Ehrlich Institute belies this ministerial statement: There it says on page 16:

“In a total of nine adolescents (five male and four female adolescents) aged 13 to 17 years, vaccination complications were reported three days to eleven weeks apart from the vaccination, which were described as permanent damage. In five cases, a type of diabetes mellitus was reported 1 (two female and three male adolescents) diagnosed after vaccination. “

With this in mind, wanted RT DE-Editor Florian Warweg at the Federal Press Conference from the spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health know why Karl Lauterbach disseminates studies in his role as Federal Minister, but does not mention the dramatic criticism from specialist circles and whether he actually reads the studies, which he regularly talks about on Twitter spread:

“Can you at least assure us that Mr. Lauterbach has read the relevant studies in their entirety in this particular case as well as in general beforehand, in this case including the ‘limitations’ listed on page 6?”

In return, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health apparently only knew what to do with a fact-free allegation:

“Mr. Warweg, you are trying to insinuate with this question that a corona infection in children is not bad at all. I can, however, contradict that.”

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Complete protocol excerpt from the BPK on this topic:


“On January 8th, Mr. Lauterbach referred to a CDC study and stated that children after a corona infection had an increased risk of developing diabetes. However, this study was not peer-reviewed. Also at the time of his tweet there was There was massive criticism from US experts who named this study as inadequate because of the mediocre research design.

For what reasons did Mr Lauterbach, who disseminated this study in his capacity as Minister of Health, not refer to this criticism from the specialist circles? “


“Mr. Warweg, you have to take care of me that I don’t ask the minister about every tweet, not the background of every tweet and, above all, not the motivation for not responding to a tweet with a tweet Do not answer the question.

Apart from that, I don’t really want to answer such scientific questions here in this context. “


“Can you at least assure us that Mr. Lauterbach has read the relevant studies in their entirety in this particular case as well as generally beforehand, in this case including the” limitations “listed on page 6?


“Mr. Warweg, you are trying to insinuate with this question that a corona infection in children is not bad at all. I can contradict that, however. We should try to avoid any infection, including in children. It is not clear to what extent that Has long-term effects. There are also children who are seriously ill with Corona. In this respect, I would disagree. “

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