Díaz throws more meat on the grill and challenges Sánchez: "Garzón is complying with the Government's agreement"

More meat on the spit of controversy. The Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, has launched a message to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, in case you were thinking of removing the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, after criticizing the quality of the Spanish meat that is exported. «It would be surreal that a minister who is complying with the government agreement and with science had to take a step, “said Díaz.

Yolanda Díaz believes that it is not necessary for her to support Minister Garzón because she defends «what the Government in its public documents exposes to the citizenship » which include that the Government is committed to a “extensive and sustainable” livestock model.

«What Garzón has said I think has been clear and is protected by science and by the Government of Spain. And I would already like this debate to end. The focus cannot be on Mr. Garzón because he has done nothing more than show the scientific evidence and the Government’s commitments, “Yolanda Díaz defended this Wednesday in an interview with The Hour of the 1 from TVE.

The second vice president refers to the Spain 2050 Plan, which is supported by the Sánchez Executive as a whole and which is the PSOE leader’s roadmap for the coming decades. This document recommends reading a report by Greanpeace, entitled The unsustainable footprint of meat in Spain, which exhibits a terrible portrait of the national meat model, with an «abusive» use of antibiotics that can lead to “A danger to public health”.

Last July, Alberto Garzón already created controversy by recommending that Spaniards reduce their meat consumption. Pedro Sánchez disavowed the Minister of Consumption with the following statement: “Wherever they put a steak on the spot, that’s unbeatable”. However, the Spain 2050 plan maintains that the current consumption situation is unsustainable for the conservation of the planet and biodiversity. “Numerous studies indicate that the consumption of meat of the Spanish population is between two and five times higher than recommended,” says the document.

“I have defended other ministers”

Yolanda Díaz asks the PSOE to defend Alberto Garzón as she has done on previous occasions with the Socialist ministers. «I am not going to give names of ministers to whom, in the face of very tough opposition positions, I have always been by their side. Those ministers know what I’m talking about, maybe my style is different. Sometimes I defend many things that I do not share because I am a democrat, “she pointed out.

«I am not going to enter into any confrontation, I never do and I am not going to do it now. Citizens deserve respect, serene debates, knowing the differences that the political forces may have, but knowing that citizens are very aware of what is happening, “said the Minister of Labor.

Finally, Yolanda Díaz argued that there is “no reason” to generate “A noise that citizens do not deserve” ahead of the regional elections in Castilla y León on February 13.

“Nobody tells me it’s a lie”

Alberto Garzón has affirmed that “no one” from the Government has told him that the statements he made in an interview with a British newspaper are a “hoax”. “They’re a misrepresentation directed of those words, with falsehoods and lies on the part of the meat lobby ».

“It is clear that there has been controversy over how my colleagues, the coalition partners, have taken these statements or, rather, the statements that I did not say. But as for the substantive, I have not seen anyone who has said to me: ‘Alberto, what you said is a lie’. No one», Has emphasized the Minister of Consumption in an interview with Infoliber.

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