Deaths in residences multiply by 8 in two months and Catalonia leads the climb

The deaths have returned to nursing homes. One of the most feared effects of the pandemic has returned: the death of the most vulnerable. More than 50 people die per week, but despite this, it is no longer talked about. And that silence regarding residences coincides with the fact that Catalonia leads the rebound with 22 victims in much of the Christmas period, literally doubling the number of deaths in Madrid.

The Imserso data reveal the return of an unfortunate fact: the death of the elderly in residences. If the beginning of November allowed to bring this number of deaths to 9 per week and the second week of that month the figure dropped even more to 6 deaths, the advance of the days has raised this sad figure again. At this time, and with a good part of the Christmas period already counted, weekly deaths have exceeded the barrier of 50 cases -51 deaths.

The truth is that the takeoff of deaths began to occur in the second half of November. Thus, the week of November 22 already marked a boom to 10 cases; that of 29, until 18; December 6 (with the bridge), until 26; and that of December 13, until the age of 33. Then came two of the three weeks that have included the main dates of family concentration at Christmas. That of December 20, which continued to increase the death toll: 37 deaths in residences. And the one from December 27 to January 2, with 51 deaths.

That is to say, that in two months, the data has multiplied by more than 8 times, going from 6 weekly deaths to 51. The week of Kings has yet to be counted. But the rest of Christmas is already reflected in the statistics of the Imserso. And the regional distribution of deaths is striking.

Thus, the top position in this sad ranking is taken by Catalonia in an overwhelming way: in the first week of Christmas it registered 12 deaths in their residences, and in the second a total of 10. In summary, 22 deaths. Madrid, for example comparable in population, registered 4 deaths in the first of those weeks, and 7 in the second. That is to say, that in total it accumulated 11 deaths, just half of what was registered in the case of Catalonia.

And Catalonia applied the most restrictive measures of all those announced in terms of fighting COVID. Andalusia is another example: in the first week of Christmas it registered 1 death and in the second, 2. With a total of 3. But now, the news that haunted Madrid so much during the first wave of COVID, in the first half of the year 2020 does not seem to interest the Government. The Executive of Sánchez bombed you criticize the administration Madrid during that period. Now, there is no talk that Catalonia leads this ranking of deaths in residences at a more than remarkable distance from the rest of the territories.

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