COVID-19 reduces its ability to infect by 90% after 20 minutes of being in the air

Two new scientific studies demonstrate the effectiveness of masks and of maintaining a safe distance in closed spaces to avoid SARS CoV-2 infection, because this coronavirus loses 90% of its infectivity when it has been suspended in the air for 20 minutes. And, in addition, the masks reduce by half the distance that can travel after being expelled when talking or coughing by an infected person.

The first research has been carried out by scientists at the University of Florida, in the United States, and shows that masks reduce by 50% the distance that pathogens can travel in the air, when talking or coughing, compared to not using this measure personal protection.

Is theree finding is important as airborne viral pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 can be encapsulated and transmitted via liquid droplets and aerosols That shapen during human respiratory functions, such as talking and coughing.

Specifically, this study provides evidences clear which show that, in practice, a distance of only one meter with face mask facial is better than 2 meters from separation without face mask, as explained the co-author of this essay, Kareem Ahmed, teacher dthe Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the UUniversity of Central Florida.

Fourteen people participated in eyou are study (11 men and 3 women, ages 21 to 31) and every participant recited a phrase and pretended to cough for 5 minutes without face mask, with face mask and with a three-layer disposable surgical mask.

Then various high-precision electronic measuring instruments measured the characteristics, behaviors, and direction of airborne particles as they traveled from the participants’ mouths.

Second evidence

Meanwhile, another team of scientists from the British University of Bristol has also analyzed the infectious capacity of the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus when it is displace in the air and has been able to verify that It’sThis is reduced by 90% after the first 20 minutes.

Without embargo, the further decrease in its power to infect occurs in the first five minutes that this virus is expelled by the mouth of a person infected by talking or coughing.

Therefore, this new scientific study shows once again that it is important to maintain a safe distance and wear masks indoors, since they are the protection measures more effectiveas to avoid the infection.

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