"Come down and say it!": Carmen Alcayde calls on the director of 'Sálvame' to settle his controversy

Kiko Hernandez presented his new house in a well-known magazine, exclusive that ‘Save me’ He took the opportunity to bring a couple of experts in decoration and interior design to his set to analyze every detail of his home, something that all the collaborators present would also do. Later, it would be his turn to reply, who went on the attack, charging hard against several of his companions. One of the worst stops was Carmen Alcayde, about whom she assured that on ‘Telemadrid’ she had been nicknamed ‘skunk’, for skunk, among other things.

This Wednesday, January 12, it was the turn of Carmen alcayde, who requested the “pulpillo” of the program to respond forcefully to Kiko: “Yesterday you accused me of various things. What bothered me a lot is that you said that I harshly criticized your house to come more days. Yes, I am guilty of wanting to come here many days, of wanting to make people laugh, make people cry, give a show so that ‘Save me’ lasts a long time.. I said it was ‘villa cagona’ because you always have the poop in your mouth, like the other day when you and Lydia Lozano opened the bathroom, the first thing you talked about was that there was poop. So yes, if wanting to come to work for more days is a crime, I am guilty. ”

Carmen Alcayde and Kiko Hernández, in ‘Save me’. (Telecinco)

After this vehement start, Alcayde continued putting the points on the i’s to Hernández: “There are things that I don’t like in your house and I said so. I want you to invite me and we will see, but the nickname … I make fun of the ‘moe’. If you get a colleague of mine on ‘Telemadrid’ to come and say that they call me that on the network, I’ll give you 1,000 euros. I give you 1,000 euros for each colleague who comes to say that. I take a shower every day and put on deodorant and cologne, although not the expensive perfume because now I have three children, “he assured with a certain humorous tone, but throwing a whip at his partner.

“The third thing you told me is that you want me to talk about what I did with Dinio, so that Dinio can talk, I’m going to talk because, darling, With Dinio it was not a trio, it was a bacchanal, we were 40 or 50 and the only one I did not touch was him“, he sentenced with humor, finishing his ‘speech’ that, despite everything said against him, is” a fucking great uncle and very supportive. ”

‘Save me’: Kiko Hernández destroys several collaborators uncovering private details


The program gave way to a video in which They asked numerous former colleagues of Carmen to find out what her body odor was like, with all of them closing ranks with the journalist. All except Belén Rodríguez, who despite assuring that she smells good, the truth is that she had already heard that rumor about the nickname they had given her: “She smells good, but they call her ‘moe’ I have heard it.”

After the video ended, Carmen Alcayde raised her voice to reiterate her challenge to Kiko Hernández, even raising the monetary figure: “I give you 1,000 euros for each testimony you bring, what’s more, I give you 10,000 because I know you will not find anyone, so much confidence Ask Jesús Manuel, Carmen Lomana, Óscar Martínez, … people who are working with me. David Valldeperas, with whom I spent two years presenting ‘El madroño’ side by side, come down here and say it. I ask you to come down!“She repeated, staring at the camera, thus calling upon the director of the program to stand up for her to settle this matter once and for all.

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