Anti-corruption calls for 47 years in prison for Gao Ping and accuses another 106 implicated in the Emperor operation against the Chinese mafia


The leader of the plot is accused of committing crimes of bribery, threats, illegal detention, money laundering, documentary falsification and half a dozen tax crimes

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The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor has presented in the National Court the indictment by the Operation Emperor, the plot dismantled in 2012 against a Chinese mafia and headed by Gao Ping. The accusation is directed against a total of 107 people.

In the case of Gao Ping, he is charged with 13 crimes, for which the Public Ministry demands 47 years and three months in prison. And in fines, 77 million and a half. He is accused of being the head of a criminal organization and committing crimes of bribery, threats, illegal detention, money laundering, falsification of documents and half a dozen tax crimes.

The Prosecutor’s Office collects in its writing the activity of several overlapping criminal plots. The first of them sought an illicit profit by importing goods that were declared well below their price or in lesser quantity and for which VAT was not paid. The profits thus obtained must then be laundered. The organization also resorted to violence both to protect its income in Spain and to ensure its shipment to China.

The plot used different ways to launder money. Initially, the operation consisted of physically taking him out of Spain by road, normally using vans loaded with textile merchandise. On each trip, on a monthly basis, they got between four and five million euros.

From the countries to which it arrived, Italy and Hungary among them, it was sent to China disguised as remittances from emigrants, through transfer managers or bank branches. The first seizure of hidden money occurred in 2011. 1.2 million euros were found in a car’s gas tank.

Another of the systems used to circulate money was “compensation.” It consists of locating Spaniards with opaque funds abroad who would like to obtain liquidity. The Chinese branch gave them the funds in cash in Spain and they transferred that amount to the foreign amount indicated to them, generally in China. Thus the money never entered or leaves Spain.

“Leader of the organization”

The 300 pages forwarded to the National High Court by prosecutors Juan Jos Rosa and Jos Grinda place Gao Ping as the maximum responsible for the criminal organization, a crime that is worth eight of the 47 years of imprisonment.

“Gao Ping is the leader of the investigated criminal organization, holding control of the corporate network and its employees.” He explains that with his fraudulent operation, Gao Ping “had a large amount of money that he placed outside of Spain, outside of the legal means and without it being declared to the Spanish Treasury.”

Through this structure, the plot came to send China an average of one million euros per week.

To be successful in its activity, the plot resorts to bribing officials with “gifts and cash”. Among the advantages obtained was the facilitation of foreign procedures. One of those accused of bribery is a civil guard from Fuenlabrada who reduced fines in exchange for, for example, a computer. And another, an official from the Zamora Government Delegation that expedited procedures and that the fa of her wedding received 10,000 euros in cash by order of Gao Ping.

Anti-corruption explains that “the criminal organization took special care of the relationship with members of the Public Administration, with respect to that part that directly affects their personal and / or professional activity.” Proof of this were the frequent treats in an oriental restaurant in the Plaza de Legazpi in Madrid to the officials who often went there to eat.

“His feet will be ripped off”

In addition, the letter indicates that the accused had contacts in the Chinese Government and in the Chinese embassy in Spain.

As for the violent activities, several of the defendants engaged in “collecting loans using violence.” In any case, prosecutors say, “it has been found that Gao Ping was responsible for dispensing ‘justice’ himself, ‘according to his own rules, characteristic of a criminal organization.”

The letter relates that by order of Gao Ping they held a Chinese citizen for several days because she had a debt of 12,000 euros. The message to her parents was that “her husband’s hands and feet will be ripped off” if she did not pay. They released her when payment was guaranteed.

On another occasion Gao Ping ordered two of his henchmen to beat up a man who had beaten his sister.

The list of defendants includes relatives and people close to Gao Ping of Chinese origin, but also numerous Spaniards who participated in money laundering tasks or, as lawyers, in maintaining the corporate structure.

According to the scheme of the indictment, the defendants formed concentric circles around Gao Ping, the closest of which were those with family ties. He was followed, in this order, by his “lieutenants,” “specialized subordinates,” “advisory subordinates,” and “bleachers.”

Although Gao Ping’s arrest by order of the National High Court did not arrive until 2012, a Madrid court had already opened a first investigation two years earlier. Being focused on the activity of companies based in the Cobo Calleja industrial estate, in Fuenlabrada. In the searches carried out there a decade ago, the Police intervened eight million euros in cash.

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