An alleged violation and many 'Lies': the keys to the new Antena 3 series, by its protagonists

Laura Munar, a literature teacher at a high school in Palma de Mallorca and recently separated from Iván, her lifelong boyfriend, stays one night for dinner with Xavier Vera, a renowned surgeon on the island and father of one of her students. The next morning, Laura wakes up alone in her bed with nausea and a great emptiness in her memory. What starts out as a physical discomfort soon turns into a terrible suspicion: Xavier has drugged and raped her.

This is the starting point of ‘Mentiras’, the new fiction bet that Antena 3 opens in the open this Wednesday, January 12, after its exclusive passage through Atresplayer Premium. Javier Rey and Ángela Cremonte get into the shoes of the two protagonists of this series, adaptation of the successful British bet ‘Liar’, in which both will fight to clarify their truth: Does the respectable surgeon who says they had a consensual relationship lie or does the high school teacher with a history of complaints of harassment and psychological disorders lie?.

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It will be the word of one against the other given the inability of the judicial system to clarify what happened, a premise that is approached with great delicacy, as Rey highlights in exclusive statements to EL CONFI TV: “We start from a very sensitive issue, which is an accusation of rape, and from there We touch on very diverse topics, such as the presumption of innocence, a public trial, social networks, the lies of the characters, … We do a bit of an X-ray of our society and I think that one of the great virtues of the series is that it tackles a very topical issue, positioning ourselves in a place where the only judge is the viewer. ”

Javier Rey and Ángela Cremonte, in ‘Lies’. (Atresmedia)

In this sense, Javier anticipates that “we do not position ourselves on who is stronger or weaker, whether it is a woman or a man, we have a premise and we take the characters to the limit of that premise. The only judge is the spectator and it is likely that their opinion will change when they discover certain hidden aspects Of the characters. It will give a lot to talk about. ”

“We have a closed first season in a very satisfactory way, although it has a great thread to pull in a T2”

When dealing with a subject as delicate as an alleged violation, his team has built the characters looking for the maximum possible realism, an aspect that Cremonte points out as essential: “We wanted it not to seem that we are acting, something that is always done but in this case much more given the sensitivity of the subject. We have taken great care that the dialogues came out very natural, something quite difficult, changing the text a lot in each pass, even before the shoot itself so that everything is authentic. ”

Ángela Cremonte, in ‘Lies’. (Atresmedia)

This is possible thanks to “very solid, very good, very fine interpretations”, as Angela highlights, who shares a cast with Manuela Velasco, Susi Sánchez or Miquel Fernández; but also with the help of Mallorca, a key character in the future of the series: “He is one more character that is very interesting given how little his landscape has been exploited by audiovisuals. Its colors exploit the joy that contrasts with the emotions of the characters, something that looks a lot like having been shot entirely in natural settings ”

Fundamental for Ángela Cremonte is also the hooking capacity generated by this emotional thriller, a frenetic game of lies that will have a satisfactory ending for the viewer after six 50-minute episodes: “It is a fiction that It is very addictive, and the good thing is that it has a closed first season in a very satisfactory way, although it has a great thread to pull in a possible second season. ”

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