Alberto Garzón tries to survive the storm: "I do not believe that my position is in danger, it does not depend on me"

The Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, has been in the pillory for more than a week, since the controversy broke out on January 4 over the interview he gave to the British newspaper The Guardian. In his statements to the aforementioned media, he defended that Spain should eat less meat, not only for health, but also because of climate change. And he also pointed out that the Spanish “mega-farms” “export poor quality meat.”

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, it exploded. As Alberto Prieto recounts today in EL ESPAÑOL, Sánchez has conveyed his anger to his coalition partner, Yolanda Diaz. And he has done it in private, in a hand-to-hand conversation, which both had last Monday.

It has not been the only one. Too Luis Planas, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment, has described this Tuesday as “unfortunate” the statements of Garzón on the macro-farms and has described this issue as “regrettable”.

And also this Tuesday the president of Castilla-La Mancha, the socialist Emiliano Garcia-Page, has shown his anger at a press conference by stating that “when you screw up what you have to do is take it out.”

Faced with the attacks received, the Minister of Consumer Affairs has come out to defend himself. And he has done it through the first interview he has given on television. In her have insured that, despite the political storm that has been generated around them, you feel “comfortable in what you are doing” and he believes that “it is being recognized by all the actors to whom I speak, which is the population.”

Garzón maintains that he has complied with “the directions of the Government” but acknowledges that continuing as minister does not depend on him. “I don’t think my position is in danger, but it doesn’t depend on me”, has pointed out to the journalist Andrea Ropero, who has interviewed him on the program The intermediate that ‘El Gran Wyoming’ presents in The sixth.

“I cannot answer for the ways in which our coalition partner is acting,” he asserted, referring to the PSOE. And he added that “Yolanda (Díaz) does not reveal her conversations (in reference to the talk that the vice president has had with the Prime Minister). “She told me that she agrees with what I said, which is the position of United We Can”.

El Gran Wyoming, host of El Intermedio, announces the interview with Alberto Garzón on the set.


Garzón has acknowledged that he has not spoken with Sánchez yet and that what he knows about the president’s opinion is “from the media, like everyone else.” “In the field of private conversations, the decent thing is not to reveal them,” he stressed.

“I think I was not wrong,” insisted the Minister of Consumption. “It is an interview (the one granted to The Guardian) which is made on December 14, is published on the 26 of that same month and only on January 3 does it begin to go viral because of a lobby meat “, has maintained.

Garzón does not consider that all this has caused “a crisis”. “It is the first time that we have a coalition government in the state. We have to get used to having different shades and opinions,” he said.

“I spoke about the protection of the environment. In fact, this particular topic was not used in The Guardian to headline “, argues the minister. And he alleges that his statements were impeccable because he considers that” it is a duty of politics to tell the truth, since without accurate diagnoses we cannot arrive at the appropriate solutions. “

In the minister’s opinion, all this is “a strategy of the PP and the candidate of the macrofarms Mañueco that is going to go wrong” because “throughout Castile and Leon a problem is occurring that is threatening the life of their territories and not just that of the planet.”

Garzón believes that the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, is taking advantage of the situation for his own benefit and accuses him of being a person who “denies the existence of macro-farms, a climate denier.” For the head of Consumption, all this is “a strategy of the extreme right not to carry out a serene debate.”

However, at the same time, Garzón does not consider that “he has given much ammunition” to the political right, he simply believes that he is doing his job, as he has stated in The sixth. “I am concerned about the rights because they are reactionary elements of loss of food rights, environmental rights, etc. If they build a hoax and a lie and it is spread by so many media I think it is a problem for democracy and not something attributable to me “.

And about the words of Emiliano García-Page, he says he was surprised because “when this hoax came, it attacked me with ferocity and in ways that I cannot understand in politics.” “I suppose that Page does not agree with the coalition or with the people who are part of the Council of Ministers. Because I am convinced that he read my statement point by point and knows that what I say is true, “he assured.

For Garzón, all this controversy “is very clear.” “Much of what we are debating has to do with what I did not say, it is an imitation of the strategies of Trump, of the extreme right. I have to defend what I did say. And nothing more.”

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