A show like a feverish dream: Mark Forster delivers great entertainment on TV – with a bitter end

Mark Forster came, saw and used the chance to have a really big soccer party at ProSieben. The “Who is stealing the show from me?” – the surprise winner from the previous week delivered and also celebrated his homeland, the Palatinate. In the end, however, the singer had to admit defeat.

Bengalos, ecstatic fan “choirs”, a sea of ​​red flags: Mark Forster fulfilled a childhood dream with the moderation of “Who steals the show from me”. The ardent admirer of 1. FC Kaiserslautern transformed the ProSieben studio in Berlin into a kind of Betzenberg cauldron.

Everything is different with “Who is stealing the show from me?”

The band mutated into the cult formation “Mark Forsters Betzebuben”. ARD football commentator Tom Bartels led through the program with not entirely objective comments on the sidelines and an original “half-time analysis”. And a real, sparkling DFB-Pokal, which Forster had borrowed from his hometown club 1. FC Kaiserslautern and brought with him on the show, shone on his moderator’s desk. “Today I make the rules,” says the happy little man in the tracksuit. And who was going to spoil his fun?

Well, maybe Joko Winterscheid. That is because he joined the “still moderator” quite early in the parade. “Many just don’t know the club – that’s the problem,” said the show’s inventor about Forster’s love for Kaiserslautern. But he did not tolerate any fouls. “Yellow card, friend”, responded the musician-moderator in the tracksuit immediately. “If you are yellow-red, you will be kicked out.”

“Fight! Quizzes! Win!”: Mark Forster loves the stadium atmosphere

As every soccer player and soccer fan knows, it can be decisive in the game if you target your opponent and put him in his place early on. Mark Forster didn’t hesitate for long. As in the previous week, he intended to publicly humiliate Joko Winterscheidt, who also came out cheekily as a Borussia Mönchengladbach fan. With slogans like “Fight! Quizzes! Win!” Forster pushed himself up from the start.

And indeed the quiz all-around event developed into a Winterscheidt-Forster duel and an epic spectacle that was in no way inferior to a legendary international match or a championship derby. “El Clásico”, as Mark called it. Then he almost got the sensation. It was bitter and not always quite fair fought to the end.

Handkäs with music – and Helmut Kohl

However, in the ardent local patriot Forster, there is also a cozy little fellow and a connoisseur who knows how to celebrate: Forster simply relocated a game in the Palatinate outdoors. There a tractor pulled a carriage trailer on which the native pop star first offered his colleagues a serenade in Palatinate, then wine and locally colored questions under the stern gaze of a Helmut Kohl portrait. You don’t treat yourself to anything else. And the rules of the show, as he emphasized several times, were made by the moderator!

Too bad that in addition to the two fighting cocks, the sympathetic comrades-in-arms became involuntary supporting actors. Anke Engelke and her quiz colleague Riccardo Simonetti tried hard to keep up. But as in the previous week, everything came to a head towards the end. The so-called “wildcard” candidate, this time a lively morning radio presenter, had to say goodbye first – followed by the angelic star influencer and Anke Engelke.

War of nerves in the WSMDS finals

“I’ll get that thing back”, Joko Winterscheidt swore and even briskly announced that he would “intellectually spank his opponent”. How seriously he meant it, you could see in front of it: Joko kicked a hole in the prop wall in anger over a botched music question like Jürgen Klinsmann once did. However, the Palatinate was not easily intimidated. He’d even practiced for what was now a pretty impressive bluff face. And Mark Forster’s self-confidence extends far beyond the kepi. “Only the best can steal this show,” he said.

It’s just stupid that it turned out differently: Not least because Joko Winterscheidt started the final with the maximum number of three game pennants instead of the usual game coins and clocked well. Ironically, when asked about the “cozze”, the Italian name for a mussel dish, Forster hit the apparently inevitable on the stomach. He lost – and Joko got the honorary title back.

“This is my show”. he cheered intoxicated in the last minute of the game and also punished commentator Tom Bartels lies: he described Winterscheidt as “an old star who might still have a few good minutes”. Many will join next week.

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